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LMS for all seasons

30. August 2017

An LMS for all seasons – five words which summarise the results of the comprehensive review on IMC Learning Suite by David Patterson, the leading e-learning analyst of Learning Light, a centre of excellence in the use of e-learning and learning technologies.

Checking every function by starting with searching the courses, going over to gamification, on-the-job training and concluding with reporting and analytics, he examined every little detail of the IMC Learning Management System.


Evaluation areas and results:

Searching and accessing training

“With one click courses can be assigned to learner target groups. Course search for the learner is particularly impressive.“


On-the-job training

“Here simply and very effectively practical competencies required for a specific task can be created, assigned, managed and recorded quickly and easily.”


“IMC AG is the only German-based company to have made it onto the “Top 20 Gamification Companies List”. The list is published annually on the prestigious American information platform with the intention to support training managers.”

Digital signatures

“Unique feature that makes the case for this LMS in delivering apprenticeships is the learning lock and digital signature feature (eSignature)”


Learning recommendation

“Here again we see the learner centric design of this platform providing a practical solution to the everyday requirements of learners who are allowed to add materials from courses and elsewhere to support their ongoing learning.”

Close the skills gap feature

“How neat and thought through is that.”

Configuration and integration

“This is a well-designed and German engineered LMS, not a corpulent LMS with feature after feature just bolted on. This is an LMS designed with a high level of detail, but one designed to be part of the organisation’s day to day activity.”



“This is modern and yes you have guessed it…ultimately configurable down to the wording of each tab allowing your company terminologies to be used.”


LMS reporting and analytics

“Reporting and Analytics is very well structured with over 40 pre-configured reports.”

Learning Lights overall verdict? “This is an LMS for the serious learning organisation, the organisation that needs to embed learning in the workplace and needs an LMS that maps to the organisation’s daily reality. It really is an LMS for all seasons.


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