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Licenced to win: Serious Game training in secret agent style wins over jury at the eLearning Journal

IMC, HQ and PwC win the eLearning AWARD 2017 in the category Story Based Learning

23. March 2017

For the last year, the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC) has been using a “serious game” in order to train young professionals at the beginning of their careers as tax advisors in German-speaking Europe.

As one of the leading companies in accountancy and business consulting, PwC is taking a step further in their new employee training with an online gaming module in their onboarding phase, enhancing the traditional classroom based training. And the user group is large. Each month, highly motivated young graduates start their careers in the company.

At the start of the course "Taxation of income in joint stock companies",a Hollywood blockbuster-style trailer with imposing pictures and sophisticated audio explains the “mission” to the learners: the tax audit for a fictitious client needs to be prepared. In the virtual world, as in the real world, the learner can speak with colleagues, navigate their way through the offices of their new employer collecting information. Multiple minor tasks must be completed in the style of a secret agent and for which points and badges can be earned. At the end of the game the aim is to satisfy the critical eye of the auditor who is controlling whether all the tax data given is correct.

Look and Feel des Serious Game

The Serious game was developed by PwC together with the e-learning experts IMC AG as well as HQ Interaktive Mediensysteme GmbH.

The eLearning Journal jury was won over: the game succeeded in making the learning of a complex and dry topic appealing and motivating through the combination of a realistic story line with a unique design and a wide range of variable gamification elements. For this reason, the project was given the eLearning AWARD in the Story Based Learning category.

Since 2008 the eLearning AWARD has been recognising excellence in the DACH region of Europe in state-of-the-art projects in 35 categories.  

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