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Dr. Wolfram Jost Joins IMC as New Member of the Board Responsible for Product Development and Strategy

IMC’s product portfolio will be oriented towards the future

23. April 2019

With the appointment of the internationally renowned software architect Dr. Wolfram Jost to the management of Scheer Holding, the product portfolios of Scheer GmbH, Scheer E2E and IMC AG will be oriented towards the future. As part of his management activities within Scheer Holding, Jost also assumes the role of Chief Product Development and Strategy Officer at IMC AG, effective 15 April 2019. He will be responsible for the software development of the full-service provider for digital training. Dr. Jost was Technology Director of Software AG until January 2019. He will make sure that IMC is in the best possible technological position, particularly in the field of software architecture.

With this step, IMC is following the strategic growth and innovation course of the entire Scheer Group. This also includes the appointment of Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster, a strategic consultant in the field of artificial intelligence.

Prof. Scheer says the appointment of Dr. Jost will provide the Scheer Group with important new expertise. "Dr. Wolfram Jost has gained extensive international experience as Chief Technology Officer of Software AG over the past ten years. I am confident that his product and market understanding will significantly carry forward our companies on their ambitious growth path".

Christian Wachter, spokesman of the IMC board, is also highly pleased about the appointment. “We are not obliged to reinvent digital learning, but we want to continue to be the first provider to bring technical innovations into productive use. With his technical know-how and international experience, Wolfram Jost will give our business an enormous innovation boost".

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