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E-Learning Punk: KI Learning

18. December 2019

IMC board member Dr. Wolfram Jost talks about AI in education and training in this E-Learning Punk interview. read more

E-Learning Punk: Our blended learning recipe

17. September 2019

In the new issue E-Learning Punk, Instructional Designer Malte Arend reveals to us what a successful blended learning solution has in common with the perfect pizza recipe. read more

What is conversational learning, and why is it so important?

27. February 2019

If you put learners in control of their own learning, they will be more engaged and retain more information. Conversational learning is a concept that can connect with learners in a unique way and give them more power over their... read more

How To Revamp Your Business With Digital Learning

29. January 2019

In a fast-paced business environment, digital transformation is a top concern. To stay ahead of the competition, and keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, more and more businesses are remodelling to incorporate... read more