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"Good standard content and curated content are not rivals": an interview with IMC’s Sarah Pitzius

17. June 2019

Since the beginning of the year, IMC has been offering e-learning content on topics ranging from compliance to sales training to soft skills in the online library EduBase for standard learning content. In an interview, Sarah... read more

Five innovative Uses of Chatbots

16. June 2019

Chatbots are set to be the next big trend that will save us time and money. Our innate fascination with robots that “feel human” keeps this technology in the headlines. But chatbots are neither intended to do all our work for us,... read more

IMC and Linde Receive Gold Award for Serious Game

27. May 2019

Distinction for Best Learning Programme at World Media Festival in Hamburg  At the 20th World Media Festival on 15 May 2019, IMC was honoured with two awards for the innovative Serious... read more

Cultural Diversity Day Goal 4: Promote human rights and fundamental freedoms

21. May 2019

Improving human rights begins with engendering respect for one another and appreciation of different cultures. On a micro level, this extends to office politics. The sad truth is that not everyone understands workplace rights or... read more

Interview: Promoting Potential, Shaping Diversity

20. May 2019

IMC"s Head of HR, Elke Zaustrau, shares her thoughts on diversity, what it means to the organisation and how IMC is working to improve current equal opportunities policies. read more

Interview with Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Product Officer of IMC AG.

16. May 2019

Success factor innovation culture: how new ways of thinking contribute to the success of digital transformation. read more

Working with IMC Learning Suite Becomes More Flexible and Intuitive

14. May 2019

With Release 14, IMC Introduces the Latest Version of its Learning Management System read more

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Digital Learning

2. May 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is what enables machines to “learn” from and adapt to interactions with users. AI operates by following the logical rules determined by an algorithm, and it can analyse vast amounts of data in... read more

Flash is dead, long live Flash!

30. April 2019

Flash today, gone tomorrow With the demise of Adobe Flash, the end of an era is upon us. An era of crashed online games and interrupted videos, true, but also an era that enabled having those games and videos online in the first... read more

Dr. Wolfram Jost Joins IMC as New Member of the Board Responsible for Product Development and Strategy

23. April 2019

IMC’s product portfolio will be oriented towards the future read more

Implementing a Digital Learning System: How to Increase Organisational Adoption

12. April 2019

Adopting a digital learning system is more important than ever to deliver bottom line results and add value to organisations. This guide outlines key strategies and tactics to ensure a successful transition to a digital learning... read more

What is conversational learning, and why is it so important?

27. February 2019

If you put learners in control of their own learning, they will be more engaged and retain more information. Conversational learning is a concept that can connect with learners in a unique way and give them more power over their... read more

How To Revamp Your Business With Digital Learning

29. January 2019

In a fast-paced business environment, digital transformation is a top concern. To stay ahead of the competition, and keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, more and more businesses are remodelling to incorporate... read more

The year in review - awards and accolades

20. December 2018

We’ll be giving our customers and ourselves a pat on the back this Christmas, with a bumper crop of awards to add to the trophy case. IMC’s customer solutions have been recognised across the globe, from Germany to Australia to... read more

The new cleverness of learning management systems

12. December 2018

Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Performance Support - Buzzwords are not lacking in the discourse around digital education. But which trends really have a future and will establish themselves in the next few years at the workplaces of... read more

Curating Content: The Right Choice is Half the Battle

12. December 2018

Training staff in large organisations often question why they should develop learning content for employees themselves. This is a valid question – there is a lot of external training content available either free or under licence... read more

Mix the Best Drinks at the Virtual Bar with eVideo

12. December 2018

The interactive web-based training platform, eVideo, teaches basic vocational skills to people with reading and writing difficulties who work in the logistics, hospitality and building services sectors. Training service provider... read more

Podcast: Learning in the validated environment

4. October 2018

In our latest podcast episode validation experts Philipp Leupoldt and Thorsten Römisch share their knowledge on how learning management systems are supporting medical suppliers and manufacturers to meet the strict training... read more

Quick Reads - Here's what to read in August

1. September 2018

As the summer in Europe slowly but steady comes to an end, the days are getting shorter and shorter again. But now is no time for looking back.We gaze into the future and see how your e-learning strategies might change and how... read more

IMC is honoured for driving innovation through research from the German Stifterverband

10. August 2018

20 years ago, IMC started with one great idea, to make learning possible anytime, anywhere. The drive to innovate, create and push the boundaries of what is possible is still alive today and making a greater impact than ever.... read more

Podcast: Emergency services – saving lives with digital training

18. July 2018

Emergency services omnipresent in many culture. Due to the special collaboration of paid staff and volunteers, this industry has specific needs to be fulfilled with digital training. Jane Crawley, IMC Project Manager Learning... read more