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Gold trifecta for IMC and partners at the 2018 LearnX Impact Awards

2. July 2018

The learning and development teams at FACS, NSW TrainLink and the Melbourne IMC team have reason to celebrate: their projects won gold at the 2018 LearnX Impact Awards. FACS was awarded in the category of Best LMS Deployment and NSW TrainLink won Best Video and Best Blended Learning Programme.

The LearnX Impact Awards are run by  the Learn X Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that  recognises and promotes innovative technologies and learning solutions within the workplace. Their yearly awards celebrate the achievements of Australian and New Zealand organisations for their progress and impact in learning and development. Within their six categories, they recognise tech projects as well as creative topics like design.


Family and Community Services NSW (FACS) – Best LMS Deployment

In 2016 the FACS team implemented IGNITE, a cloud solution for all FACS staff and contractors. The system replaces the 10 different LMS’ they formerly used across the organisation. The new programme enables them to implement an onboarding system for staff and external contractors. It also increases efficiencies by allowing to do online management, face-to face and blended courses in one single system. As a big advancement, FACS are now able to undertake reporting in just one day instead of formerly six. 

Whilst the implementation occurred during a high change period for the organisation, most users embraced the system and were able to see a reduction in their transactional requirements related to the administrative burden in learning.  

Tammy Oliver, FACS’ Learning and Development Manager, comments “It is rewarding for our small team to be recognized with this award for the last 2 years of work that has gone into the innovation of our LMS. FACS have worked closely with IMC to have our vision of an effortless user experience be realized”. 


NSW TrainLink – Best Video and Best Blended Learning Programme

In 2016 the NSW government created a new role, Authorised Officer, to give transport staff authorization to protect NSW TrainLink customers and staff from train passengers’ anti-social behaviour. NSW TrainLink and IMC partnered to develop a blended training programme to give the staff the confidence to deal with the many difficult situations they may encounter. 

Together they developed the blended training programme for Authorised Officers including, classroom training, e-learning modules and learning aids for on-the-job support. The pièce de résistance of the programme? Filming on a moving train, kitting it out in TrainLink branding and filming the training videos on the ride from Melbourne to Albury. Making this extra effort gave the training videos an authentic scenario, that makes it possible for the learners to put themselves in the training position.  

Ruth Svenson from NSW TrainLink is very pleased with the results of the cooperation: 

“Delivering skills training by video has enabled us to continue to deliver an engaging course while saving training time. IMC worked closely with NSW TrainLink to help us bring the training to life by supporting the course working group to identify key areas of focus for each of the learning modules.  Most importantly we are pleased to be able to use modern learning to help us ensure we can offer our customers the best possible experience on board our services“.

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