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Whitepaper: Informal Learning and Electronic Performance Support

What do you spend your training budgets on? 10 years ago, formal training and assessment were regarded as the standard but, the popular 70:20:10 theory is now starting to promote change. It implies that formal learning might actually only account for around 10% of staff development, with the other 90% made up of on-the-job experience and help from colleagues. Nevertheless, around 80% of L&D budgets are still spent on formal staff training even though informal learning is now thought to be a more effective learning strategy.

This whitepaper will show you how to significantly reduce your training and support costs by using proactive learning strategies.

The following topics are covered:

Formal and informal learning – descriptions, differences and benefits and scenarios where each of them should be applied

Proactive learning strategies and technologies reducing the need for helpdesk support

  • Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS)
  • Bite-sized learning
  • Mentoring programs

L&D professionals – how they can support informal learning, measure results and your company money

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