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Customer story: How a parish benefits from IMC Process Guide

Electronic Performance Support is not only a big topic for businesses – nowadays even church communities are confronted with complex software applications and tight training budgets. Therefore the Lahti Parish Union uses IMC Process Guide to train staff on how to use Tweb. Tweb is a case management system. In social professions, case management means working according to defined flowcharts, from the initial consultation through to result evaluation and documentation. This allows to support the parishioners in a way, which meets their individual needs. Read the interview with Hannu Sarikka, administrative director at Lahti Parish Union, to learn how the organization profits from IMC’s Process Guide.

 Could you tell us a little about the organisation?

The Lahti Parish Union is one of Finland’s largest parish communities; it consists of four local Evangelical Lutheran parishes. The city of Lahti has 120,000 residents, 70% of which belong to Evangelical Lutheran parishes. The union has 330 employees, which are all based in Lahti, and the expenditures come to €22 million per year.

What kind of training challenges have you come up against in the past?

The Lahti Parish Union benefits from different electronic applications and tools. However, the Parish Union’s resources for various tasks are limited, making it difficult to train staff on new applications. In addition to its day-to-day tasks, the IT department’s responsibility is to support the software users. It takes care of training and supporting about twice as many users in the use of applications as it has employees itself. Due to the lack of staff available, the main users at each business unit train new, less experienced application users in addition to doing their own work.

Why was Process Guide introduced?

In the past, we tried various methods of training and support for the Tweb application. We have written our own instructions, carried out trainings, produced tutorial videos and arranged personal support. We are planning to expand our use of Tweb further and will therefore need continuous training and support in the future. Process Guide is an effective and multipurpose tool for the users of this application.

What is the real advantage Process Guide has given you?

Process Guide feels like an easy-to-use user support. Help is available immediately. The feature that allows us to write our own brief instructions for an application is very helpful. We are able to target these help texts and they become available quickly and precisely with the right content at the place where the need arises.

What do you expect in the future? What other application processes will be supported through Process Guide in the future?

Having used Process Guide for a while, we can perhaps expand its use to our ERP system — possibly later to other applications as well.