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    Case Study

    Visma|Raet Academy

No more tool chaos thanks to Learning Management System



The customer

The Visma group consists of over 200 companies across 16 countries worldwide. The Visma | Raet Academy (VRA) is a department of Visma | Raet, which is market leader in cloud solutions and related services, with a strong focus on HR and Payroll.

VRA can look back on many years of experience in IT training for customers in which users learn how to use the software. VRA also offers internal training in areas such as soft skills, compliance and management.

The challenge



In order to train their employees and customers all over the world, Visma | Raet Academy was looking for a multilingual and highly scalable Learning Management System (LMS). The aim was to simplify processes and replace various error-prone tools with one efficient system.

VRA focused on performance instead of learning outcomes and learning journeys instead of single training events. Instead of exclusively formal learning, a 70:20:10:10 based solution was aimed for and the five moments of (Learning) Need were to be covered with appropriate learning experiences.

Following a highly competetive selection process, VRA selected IMC and its cloud-based version of its in-house Learning Management System (LMS). IMC convinced with a ready-to-use, secure and easily scalable Software as a Service LMS solution.

In March 2018 the implementation project started, which included building three interfaces and two major customizations. After the handover to the IMC Service Desk the Learning Portal, named the "Visma|Raet Academy Learning Portal", was the one-stop-shop for all the courses deployed in the Visma|Raet Academy (e-learning, Live Virtual Training, seminars, webinars, in-company, etc.).
The catalogue divided into several sub-catalogues provides a clear overview of everything the academy has to offer. The administrative processes have become much more efficient and error free, due to a high degree of automation and to the fact that employees and customers were served with a single reliable system.

Result and Outlook

Following the first implementation in 2018, significant process improvements have already been achieved by replacing old systems with a single powerful LMS. Process improvements are being continued according to plan and in a controlled manner, although as a rule these are only minor optimizations that do not represent significant process improvements.

The end of implementation marked a new beginning for the Academy. Immediately after the implementation a project called "Further development LMS" was set-up to tackle, among other things, the challenge of introducing improved innovation to the business. The development of the LMS will create new possibilities for VRA in this respect.

The functionalities are tested and implemented according to an agile approach, so that practically every week small progress is achieved.
VRA is confident that the IMC Learning Suite will have the tools and capabilities they need in the long term to achieve their mission & vision together with IMC.

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