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How to create unique learning experiences

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Individual learning experiences

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Better user experience and serving the individual learning needs leads to more motivation among learners.

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Learning experience is becoming increasingly important

Whereas in the past, when looking for a suitable learning platform, attention was primarily paid to the efficient delivery of learning content and good usability for administrators, today the topic of the learning experience is moving more and more into the foreground. On the one hand, this is because a good learning experience can increase the motivation of learners and create a learning culture that leads to better results. On the other hand, the expectations of learners have also changed in the context of new work movements and increasing digitalisation in people's everyday lives.

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What makes a good learning experience?

The topic of learning experience encompasses many different aspects. So where to start? The HR analyst Fosway wanted to know from companies which features in the area of learning experience have the highest priority for them. It turned out that the alignment of content with the individual goals of learners and a good user experience on the learning platform are crucial. However, curation of content and optimisation of learning journeys are also very important.

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If you are looking for a new software, you will likely have asked yourself: What is better? A learning management system (LMS) or a learning experience portal (LXP)? A traditional LMS focuses on efficient management of learning activities, while an LXP revolves around the learners’ learning experience. However, many modern LMS also include the desired LXP functions. It therefore pays to define precisely what the learners’ and administrators’ needs are, and which software meets those needs.

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Interesting facts on learning experience


We explain which technical functions of a learning platform help to improve the experience and how you can create effective and exciting learning journeys.

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