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  • Innovation Pack 9

    Innovation Pack 9

    With the power of simplicity

IMC Learning Technologies – Highlights Innovation Pack 9

You have spoken and we have listened. With the power of simplicity, we created a holistic update of our product world, the Innovation Pack 9, featuring the newest developments of the Learning Management System, IMC Learning Suite, the performance solution IMC Process Guide and the authoring software IMC Content Studio. Be empowered, get inspired and master any challenges.

IMC Learning Suite

Configurable Easy Course Creation

With the launch of the Innovation Pack 9, we have integrated an easy course creation, allowing starter IMC Learning Suite course creators benefiting from an intuitive and easy set-up following a step-by-step workflow.
The option to define the workflow lets course managers simply and efficient create their own internal course while learners can request external training they want to participate in. This new feature also includes the opportunity to record finished external courses.


  • Intuitive step-by-step workflow to create internal and external courses
  • Step-by-step approach lets users identify the remaining stages to be completed
  • Flexible course creation workflow configuration, from simple to more complex scenarios
  • Workflows can be individually linked to a course template chosen with individually linked identification numbers
  • External course requests let users integrate different learning sources into their learning development
  • Step 1: Course Description

  • Step 2: Content Creation

  • Step 3: Add Participants

  • Created Course Overview

  • Learner’s view of the course

  • Syllabus view of the created course


We have introduced another virtual classroom into our portfolio – Vitero.
As the only specialist in digital training, we have integrated all Vitero functionalities into our learning management system, providing you with all the connector advantages and benefits of this award-winning German company.


  • Fully integrated and simple classroom calendar option to see available time slots
  • Easy course content management including instant synchronisation between Vitero and IMC Learning Suite
  • Full learning reports are available directly in your LMS with an additional monitoring license
  • Valid under German Protection Act and ISO 27001 certified
  • Several license models available including SaaS and on-premise solutions
  • Create virtual session

  • Check Availability

  • Content view

  • The classroom

  • The Report

Global System Usage

Worldwide training has just become easier with a new integrated time zone management. Simple steps allow you to select the local time of your course for your learners to be at the right place at the right time – for digital training and face-to-face training.


  • Simple selection of start and end date for any course, media and programme
  • Easy implementation of time zones to all notifications, e-mails and appointments
  • Blended learning scenarios and virtual classroom sessions with fixed appointments and required attendance are presented in a simple way to the learner and preventing any miss of that learning opportunity
  • Time zones for face-to-face can be explicitly set
  • Selected time zones are displayed in all learning reports 
  • Overview of the course dates

Insurance Distribution Directive

As of February 2018, the new IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive) comes into effect in the European Union. The new regulations require all insurance staff and broker to complete 15 hours training per annum. IMC Learning Suite is the right tool to keep up with your training requirements, to monitor and report on the new compliance needs.

Mobile Apps

My Experience and My Competencies

New features have become available with the introduction of the 3.10 version of mobile apps.

  • Access to experience track details, badges and leader boards via the My Experience section
  • Access to assigned job profiles and skills with the option to add new elements in the My Competency section

IMC Process Guide

The web version of IMC Process Guide is now fully integrated into IMC Learning Suite with functions, like channels, search and process navigation being clearly visible. An updated and modern UI/UX design for the desktop guide is now available as well.


  • Administrators can start to guide the users individualised instructions where needed
  • Simplified functionality and state-of-the-art design for both web and desktop guide
  • Channels view and search function are now available in the web guide 
  • The IMC Process Guide mobile version

  • IMC Process Guide integrated into IMC Learning Suite

  • Embedded support in main view

IMC Content Studio

A more professional usage of our IMC Content Studio is now possible as you can now integrate your own JavaScript Code and CSS styles, making your created web-based-trainings even more enticing.


  • Implementation of course specific JavaScript code and CSS styles including inline editing and importing existing JS/CSS files
  • Audio and video files can be exported and imported allowing for further editing with external applications
  • Easy export in SharePoint compatibility mode
  • Supports certificates in landscape mode



  • Course specific JavaScript/CSS

  • Landscape certificate

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