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  • Bursting with Innovations

    Bursting with Innovations

    Innovation Pack 8: More flexibility for your training strategy


IMC Learning Technologies -
Release Highlights Innovation Pack 8

Your wishes and the power of innovation are our driving force. With the Innovation Pack 8 we introduce to you the newest developments of the IMC Learning Suite, IMC Process Guide and IMC Content Studio. Get inspired and see for yourself the Fireworks of Innovation at IMC.

IMC Learning Suite

More training options through Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

The latest version of IMC Learning Suite seamlessly integrates diverse training contents and applications from external providers. The standardised LTI interface enables embedding of different contents and services directly into the catalogue or curricula. This flexibility supports the adaption of the Learning Suite functions to your requirements and extends the content of courses in just a few clicks.

An overview of over 200 external providers for relevant content and services can be found on The diversity of possibilities and options is limitless: integration of Dropbox, Slideshare presentations and KhanAcademy videos plus the usage of Common Open Educational Resources (OER) are just a few to name.

Self-directed learning with e-portfolios

Europe’s leading e-portfolio software Mahara assists learners with self-reflection and supports the collaboration with their peers and tutors. Combined with this application, IMC Learning Suite becomes a powerful tool for informal social learning. With the “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) Editor multimedia content can easily be created, shared and discussed or commented in the community.

Optimised User Experience

Simplicity of usage is the top requirement when developing new training features for IMC Learning Suite. With Innovation Pack 8 this focus hasn’t changed.

Expanded functionality and redesign of the course room

Optimised design to provide users with a greater user experience and extending the features and functions, the new course room can be individually modified for different learning formats and clearly outlines relevant course information.

No matter if face-to-face seminars, online training or a blended learning course: You decide which information the learners see and can design and modify the course room accordingly.


  • Clear status and progress overview during the course
  • Easy access to learning content and the course certificate
  • Various responsive display options for individualised course visualisation
  • 1 column layout

  • 2 column layout

  • 3 column layout

Creation of comprehensive learning programs

Innovation Pack 8 enables combining single courses to a holistic training program to create long-term learning schedules.


  • Easy grouping of single associated courses
  • Visualisation of individual training phases for better orientation during learning progress


  • Summary of all necessary training courses
  • Holistic overview of required courses still to finalise
  • Dependencies between program courses can be defined through learning logic
  • Comprehensive overview of applicable course locations and session times
  • From the prepatory stage...

  • enhancing and deepen the knowledge

  • the final exam

Efficient task management

The current version of IMC Learning Suite supports a single click processing for all pending booking enquiries on all end-devices including smartphone and tablets and therefore enables immediate processing of all course requests.

This new feature is available to all employees managing course booking request, independent of their role.

  • On desktop

  • On tablet or smartphone

Skill-based learning

The less time spent on learning new competencies and skills for employees to fill the gaps for their current position, the better. The new job profile and skills overview supports learners in their own independent learning progress.


  • Holistic overview of competencies status
  • Outline of skills still required for the current position including all relevant contents and learning courses to fill the gap
  • Suggestions of voluntary trainings to increase competencies status
  • Representation of next career step through display of required job profile

As a new feature Innovation Pack 8 allows to filter for specific competencies and skills within its learning catalogue. The learner is able to specifically filter for courses and contents to fill the skill gaps or to search for trainings to achieve a certain level.

  • Current competencies status

  • Required additional skills

  • Trainings suggestions

Automated learning recommendations

IMC Learning Suite incorporates a recommendation mechanism. Based on the learners’ history and previous preferences, the mechanism recommends similar courses and contents plus prioritises topics and trainings which were previously favoured.

Integration of external virtual classrooms

Innovation Pack 8 extends its features with integration of:

  • Citrix GoToMeeting
  • Citrix GoToWebinar
  • OpenMeetings

Upgrading of gamification features

The upgrade includes:

  • Leaderboards for individuals and teams
  • Pre-configured badges’ library for instant usage
  • Reports on achieved experience points in individual experience tracks

IMC Process Guide

Improved user navigation through modern design

The design of the web client, the so-called „web guide“, has been completely revised and modernised. Users have more room for their content and benefit from simplified use of the software. In addition the web guide has been equipped with a process navigator. This accompanies the employee step-by-step during the implementation of pre-defined tasks.

IMC Content Studio

Time saving and efficient

The primary aim of the current enhancements to the IMC Content Studio is efficiency. The centralised management of media makes it possible with only a few clicks to amend or exchange pictures, texts or media automatically across all slides. The improved preview function also saves time: with immediate effect you can show the complete course, inclusive of all learning pathways, interactive elements and rules without having to first export the information. New templates for course creation also allow for more variety in course creation.

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