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  • Bursting with Innovations

    Bursting with Innovations

    Innovation Pack 7: More efficiency
    and fun through personalised learning

Always one step ahead with IMC´s learning technologies

Have you ever wondered, how to create more efficient trainings and how to streamline overall training processes? Or if there are technology-based solutions available to you – as well as to your employees – in order to align the way we learn to our needs and requirements? Have you asked yourself how to motivate your employees in a playful way to exchange knowledge, to show more commitment and to increase their performance within the organisation?

We have! The brightest minds of IMC are constantly working to make our product range ever more perfect. Now, we would like to invite you to discover our answers to all your questions!

IMC Learning Suite

Personalised learning

The web-based user interface of our Learning Management System, IMC Learning Suite, provides a first-class user experience. From now on you will also have the opportunity to create individual learning environments for your employees:

  • Clearly categorised learning content into either compulsory courses, courses that have already been booked or recommended courses to enable easier prioritisation of learning requirements
  • Intelligent identification of recommended learning content
  • Use of personalised messages to greet course participants, e.g. with information on the course they have already started
  • Personalised welcome message

  • Clear categorisation of the learning content

  • Personalised learning content delivered to support experience track

Promoting learner motivation

Our idea of gamification is to use the driving force of games and to apply it to the digital learning process.

Your employees have signed up to a course? Have passed a test? Have provided feedback to a seminar? Let them know that you value both their success and their commitment. Support and promote the learning process of your employees by providing direct feedback using experience points and by having these points displayed in each employee profile. Additionally, you can show their learning curve in the form of an experience path that displays how to reach the next level.

Use our high-performance LMS to establish a sustainable learning culture within your organisation and turn learning processes into a playful experience capable to capture and motivate your learner.

Efficient seminar management

Seminar management has been optimised in terms of usability and core processes. From now on, the course catalogue features a search function that will show you the search result based on the learning targets defined by the learner.

As seminar host you can make the booking process more flexible by offering a necessary initial registration, privacy policies or ways to pay for courses directly via the catalogue.

  • Comfortable faceted search

  • Optimised booking form

Integrated learning

How to ensure sustainable success for your organisation? Next to the unique product and services portfolio as well as the highly qualified employees, it’s the company-specific software solutions that your employees access on a day-to-day basis that play an important role here. IMC’s Learning Management System not only ensures that your employees will get the best possible qualifications, but the learning platform can also be integrated seamlessly into all applications available within your organisation:

  • Its Open API and the new Typo 3 plugin enable the optimal integration of IMC Learning Suite into company's website, HR software or your existing IT infrastructure. Doing so will allow you to e.g. offer a course catalogue directly from the Intranet pages of your company.
  • It is just as easy for you to change the layout for your learners and to provide them with a truly individual user interface. Benefit from the Typo 3 templates and decide how the application presents itself to your users.

This enhancement will make learning an integrated component of your organisation, and it will also significantly reduce barriers that your users may experience upon entry.

Feature Evolution

These days, communication is the key. With our latest update we have modernised our discussion platform and optimised mobile access. The newly designed forum now enables a comfortable exchange for both moderators and learners, even on the go. It is also possible to simply upload attachments with the drag and drop function. Furthermore your learners can easily ask questions or post course-related comments or answers to any of these. Do your learners have a question concerning a learning video, a WBT or other media, or do they want to praise any of these? With this new update, learners will have the opportunity to directly start a conversation with you.

In addition to all these functionality enhancements, we also make sure that we maintain a future-proof system architecture. Especially when it comes to cloud-based solutions, data exchange with other internet services keeps getting more and more important. From now on, we will offer an open Learning Record Store, which not only allows storage of learner-related data from the LMS but which can also be used as data storage for other applications.

And by the way, in order to quickly and efficiently introduce your new employees to the company-wide training process, we have enhanced our daily data check in a way, that it only transfers newly added users. This enables a faster data synchronisation with less strain on available resources.

  • Modernised discussion platform

  • Modernised discussion platform

  • Modernised discussion platform

IMC Process Guide


Every employee is a unique individual. To one person, a particular function within an application may be totally clear, another cannot remember it. From now on, IMC Process Guide enables every user to easily create his or her own personalised remarks – even for functions that do not yet feature any company-wide help content. Reminders are always available at the right position and at the right time, helping to facilitate the everyday work.


Any organisation, existing as well as newly added systems and processes within are constantly undergoing change. With only a minor detail being changed in one step of the process, all the people who pass this process must be aware of this change and take it into consideration when doing their jobs. Consequently, it is important to provide employees with efficient support systems available anytime throughout their shift. From now on, authors working with IMC Process Guide can quickly and comfortably apply adaptations directly within the user component, known as “the Guide”. With “Guide Authoring”, the need to open a separate authoring application simply doesn’t exist anymore. The direct updates will immediately become visible for all users.

  • Creation of a new remark

  • Selection of the relevant panel

  • Creation of an individual description

IMC Content Studio

When creating learning courses based on templates, would you like to personalise these templates to reuse them again at a later stage? Or are your templates also useful for other colleagues, and you would like to share those templates with them? The latest version of IMC Content Studio enables you to do exactly that.

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