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From zero to amazing in 60 seconds

Create e-learning content as fast as never before with imc Express

Say goodbye to boring learning content - because here comes imc Express! Ring in a new era of content authoring and create content at the touch of a button. From the trainee to the marketing manager to the factory worker - the new AI-supported software is suitable for all target groups in your company and enables knowledge to be digitized at lightning speed - in a format that is convincing in design and didactics.


With imc Express your company gets everything it needs to create corporate e-learning and custom lessons with flexible authoring. The comprehensive tool kit consisting of design templates, image databases, surveys and much more ensures maximum creativity and flexibility for your employees. Also the possibility of different output formats such as text or audio ensure a perfect implementation of the learning experience. Of course, produced learning contents can be integrated into the imc Learning Suite without any problems.

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No idea about design?

imc Express supports with the right template and automatic formatting.

No idea of didactics?

imc Express helps users to create didactically meaningful content.

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No time for software training?

imc Express is so simple that anyone can use it - even without training


Supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

imc Express uses AI to achieve maximum productivity. A few selected examples: Images used by you are automatically recognised and tagged with search terms to help you find them again later on. An AI algorithm capable of near-perfect translations into many world languages helps you translate your content. The imc Express AI identifies the most suitable layout for your content output.

retro robot with ugc mockup
retro robot with ugc mockup

Didactic support

Even for professionals, sound didactic conceptual design accounts for 40% to 60% of the total content creation effort. With imc Express, that doesn’t take a didactics expert because the tool provides suitable templates for popular topics and offers valuable tips to users throughout the content creation process. This way imc Express helps users create didactically meaningful content.

mockup of didactics
mockup of design panel

Great design easily accomplished

imc Express supports design grouches with perfectly matched templates. The designs can be set up in line with the specific corporate design, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. Each design comprises all suitable colours, backgrounds, text types and text sizes. Users are unable to change the configured designs. This ensures that the created content is always appealing and matches the corporate design.

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imc Express is an enrichment in our blended learning concept for the training and further education of almost 1000 employees per year. Our trainers can generate learning content without extensive training or prior knowledge. The use of imc Express is intuitive and web-based training can be created within a very short time.
MODAL Company for Business-Oriented Education and Management GmbH
“imc Express is an enrichment in our blended learning concept for the training and further education of almost 1000 employees per year. Our trainers can generate learning content without extensive training or prior knowledge. The use of imc Express is intuitive and web-based training can be created within a very short time.”
MODAL Company for Business-Oriented Education and Management GmbH
“imc Express is exactly what we need to be able to implement e-learnings on some important topics promptly and flexibly - and without large computer capacities. We use imc Express to create thirty-minute e-learnings, including tests, for the bank's sales staff and simply publish the content on the learning platform. What we particularly like about imc Express is that it enables any IT-savvy employee to quickly create varied e-learnings. We also appreciate the ability to incorporate interactive elements, such as animations for images and videos, and to separate text from audio.”
BAWAG P.S.K. Insurance AG
“imc Express is the ideal tool to easily transform any kind of written content into digital learning units. At Bookboon, we use imc Express to create learning content on soft skills and personal development. What we particularly like about the tool is that it's simple and straightforward. Authors can upload a document and, in a few seconds, a didactically high-quality lesson is created, including sound and interactive elements. More than 60 languages are available for output, which is unique for an authoring tool.” Ltd.
“We like to use imc Express very much. The tool offers us the possibility to create animated learning content easily and quickly from a PowerPoint presentation. The result looks professional without generating a large amount of resources. Furthermore, created learning content can be inserted into the Learning Suite as a link or scorm file. This gives us a certain flexibility.”
Sanitas Management Ag
All Features
  • Multimedia and interaction
  • Media library & image database
  • Designs & Didactics
  • Collaboration
  • Output formats
  • Artificial Intelligence

imc Express can create text, import it from Microsoft Word and lay it out automatically.


Images can be inserted directly by drag&drop.


Audio is automatically generated by an artificial voice and sounds lifelike.


Single and multiple choice interactions can be inserted anywhere in the content.


Videos can be uploaded directly from your mobile or desktop. They are automatically converted to all popular formats so they can be played anywhere.


Subtitles are automatically generated for the videos with one click and can be edited and translated in all languages.

Media library

imc Express has a media library that can store images, texts and videos.

Automated tags

Tags are assigned automatically and manually to make searching easier.

Image databases

You can search for images in free image databases and drag the downloads directly onto imc Express.

Design templates

imc Express offers the possibility to change design themes at will without having to change the content. We call this "the dictatorship of good design".

Didactic templates

imc Express has didactic templates that help authors to convey their content in a didactically meaningful way.

Work simultaneously

With imc Express you can work on a project simultaneously with other people. You can see at any time which areas are currently locked by other authors and cannot be edited.


In addition, imc Express has a simple workflow with comment function so you can leave comments for other authors.

Various Formats

In addition to the standard output format for Learning Management Systems (SCORM) or web servers, imc Express also supports output as an "eBook" or "Word document".


You can also send a link to the content to your colleagues for access, which is valid for 7 days.

Integrated in imc Learning Suite

imc Express has a direct connection to the imc Learning Suite and will also be directly accessible from there in the future.

Image recognition

imc Express automatically recognises objects in images and can thus categorise the images.


With imc Express you can translate texts automatically.


Subtitles for your videos can be created and translated automatically by imc Express.


imc Express analyses your project and automatically presents the content in the best possible form. Of course, it is also adaptive and responsive from PC to mobile devices.

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The Functions

Our factsheet provides an overview of the most important functions of imc Express

More information in the interview

Interview with Product Owner Oliver Nussbaum: User-generated content meets artificial intelligence

Express vs. Content Studio

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Get to know imc Express

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