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Product innovations

Always up to date with the imc Learning Suite product innovation

At the core of imc's innovation philosophy is its commitment to invest approximately 25% of the Learning Suite revenue back into research and development. The core outcome of this investment sees imc customers benefit in the form of frequent innovation packs that are made available four times per year.


Our innovation packs introduce a range of new features, performance updates, and enhancements to existing functions. The frequency of the updates helps ensure imc remains at the forefront of learning technology and that our customers are future-proofed with the latest innovations in technology-supported learning. In addition to innovation packs, standard patches deliver minor updates and fixes every four to six weeks.

imc Learning Suite product innovation

Standard innovation patch cycle

Our innovations are not only driven by state-of-the-art research findings on process and tool optimisation within the L&D field, but also by customers' direct requests that we collect via different communication channels. This feedback helps us ensure that our products adapt to industry developments and emerging needs.



Unlike many other enterprise LMS providers, the imc Product Management team reviews customers' requests and selects those that will then become new features of the imc Learning Suite in one of its future innovation packs, thus allowing customers to help shape the standard product while reducing customisation maintenance costs.



One thing is for sure when partnering with imc: the knowledge that imc will never rest on laurels of past performance and will continue to work with its customers globally to evolve its solutions and meet the real-life learning requirements of tomorrow.

Latest updates and innovations

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Innovation Pack v. 14.17

Innovation Pack 14.17 introduces many enhancements with highlights including updates to the Power-BI Learning Analytics add-on, an easy media uploader direct within Channels and a brand-new multi-step approval process with unlimited steps. Click below to discover more details on the key highlights.

Until IP17, the imc Learning Suite had supported up to two levels of approval for training self-enrolment requests, e.g. typically the requestee's supervisor and the training administrator. In the case of some high-stakes training this would often lead to additional approval steps being handled offline, without the history being tracked in the imc Learning Suite. Depending on the customer, a comprehensive multi-step approval can require approvals from a direct supervisor, an area manager, a rostering administrator, and cost administrator prior to a final approval by the training administrator.


Values delivered

  • Configure multiple approval steps for enrolment requests with the multi-step Approval Workflow Manager.
  • Pre-define approval reasons for each single step to speed up Approval or Decline
  • See the history of all steps in the multi-step approval process.
  • Conduct complete approval process within the LMS.


  • Easy creation of any number of workflow steps.
  • Decision support by providing approval history including reasons.
  • Quick approval and full control of approval workflow.

Other important improvements

Each innovation pack contains many smaller innovations and here are some of the more important updates contained in 14.17:



  • Channels update to allow easy media upload directly in the Channel without back-end access to the Media library.
  • Learning Analytics (Power BI), new Feedback Evaluation reports and improved self-service.
  • Updates to Learning Path and Course
  • My Staff update for Supervisors to have more options available and better visibility of their staff in the catalogue views.
  • A combined Courses and Learning Path panel to simplify the learner dashboard.
  • Job Profile completion forecast view is assigned when courses delivering Skills are completed.
  • Update of description areas to Ck Editor version 4 which has many formatting benefits.
  • Simplified staff enrolment workflow for managers.
  • The number of Learning path notification options have been increased significantly.
  • The Access rights restriction functionalities have been improved to allow an even more granular group specification of rights for tasks such as editing or creating courses.
  • Pre-booking notifications have been enhanced, so that course administrators can send even more detailed information about the courses to the learners.
  • Via the new MS Exchange integration, it is now possible in the iLS resource manager to view availability of rooms or spaces listed in a company-wide resource management system in addition to those already added into the imc Learning Suite.

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Innovation Pack v. 14.16

Innovation Pack 14.16 focused on introducing many smaller updates to existing functions with some key highlights including role-based dashboards for the Power-BI Learning Analytics add-on, a new learner/supervisor calendar view and many improvements to Learning Paths. Click below to discover more details on the key highlights.

Learning analytics

Using the navigation, it is possible to configure role-specific Learning Analytics dashboards. This ability to have their own dashboards will allow users to select more relevant reports based on their user role.


Values delivered

  • The user is able to quickly access and monitor selected reports and dashboards.
Reports and dashboards view

A new 'Feedback Collection Analysis' report was introduced to evaluate the feedback collection and submission of courses.


Values delivered

  • The reporter has enough data to evaluate how courses perform and, in turn, increase learner satisfaction.
Learner feedback

A simplified calendar view of training schedules

The introduction of a new calendar enables learners to see and launch their upcoming scheduled trainings in either a day/week/month/year view.  A version of the calendar is available to supervisors allowing them to view the training calendars of their staff.


Values delivered

  • Training-based view: Lists learning paths and courses for scheduled training with training name and type. It is possible to access the course progress report of a training from here.
  • User-based view: Shows learners and their training schedule for trainings that are requested, confirmed, on the waiting list, enrolled, in progress, or completed.

Several filters enable drill down on both views.

Other important improvements

Each innovation pack contains many smaller innovations. Here are some of the more important updates contained in 14.16:


Improvements delivered

  • Learning Paths: Faster initial asynchronous load, mail monitor to view related emails, automatic cancellation workflow, plus some design updates.
  • Baidu map integration, which is popular in Chinese markets.
  • Linking of Skills to External courses.
  • Update to the SCIM API for user provisioning to fully support RFC7644 adherent systems.
  • Zoom virtual classroom integration using LTI1.1.

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Innovation Pack (V14.15) - Learning Analytics

Innovation Pack 14.15 brings the new Learning Analytics add-on. Find out how to boost your learning strategy and enhance your company's success through learning data.

Innovation Pack (V14.13) - Channels

With Innovation Pack 14.13, we release a brand new add-on: Channels. Get to know our new add-on for self-directed learning and a new learning experience.

Innovation Pack (V14.12)

Innovation Pack 14.12 brings a lot of new possibilities with the Shopify connector.

Innovation Pack (V14.11)

Innovation Pack 14.11 brings many small improvements with a big effect.

Innovation Pack (V14.10)

Take a look into the future of learning amangement with us.

Innovation Pack (V14.9)

The new update brings a Shopify integration, Open Badges, push notifications and much more.

Innovation Pack (V14.8)

With support in setting up enrolment forms and managing tasks, we help L&D Professionals work smarter, not harder.

Innovation Pack (V14.7)

The new update for the imc Learning Suite includes a better overview of acquired successes for learners, the brand new 180° course feedback and a wish list for courses.

Innovation Pack (V14.5)

Innovation Pack 14.5 stands out with new integration capabilities and an improved learning experience. Discover the Microsoft Teams integration and new features like advanced reporting functions, new options for prices and currencies or new self-services.

Innovation Pack (V14.4)

With this innovation pack, the Learning Management System sports a smoother skill management, an enhanced location structure and a new option to integrate LinkedIn Learning content. We have summed up the most important information for you.

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