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  • Forget your GDPR worries

    Forget your GDPR worries

IMC Learning Suite & GDPR Compliance

IMC guarantees optimal data protection for all users of IMC products and integrations, in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Use our guide below to find out how our products comply.

IMC Learning Suite

Right to be forgotten
The "right to be forgotten" is implemented and offers two levels of deletion of a user's personal data:

  • The anonymisation of user data, in which all personal data is anonymised.
  • A complete deletion of the data, which also contains the learning history. In addition to the possibility for an administrator to delete the personal data in the backend, a deletion option can also be displayed in the main navigation.

Access to data
You will have easy access to your own data. Detailed information about the processing of the data are outlined in the privacy policy.

The right to data portability
A personal data report can be requested by the user.

Users will be given the option to accept cookies upon the first access of the IMC Learning Portal and are provided with detailed information about how IMC uses cookies.

IMC Process Guide

The right to be forgotten
Our IMC Process Guide is GDPR-compliant and offers the possibility to delete the user's personal data upon request. Thus, it also guarantees the "right to be forgotten". In addition to the user profile, personal notes or logged activities are deleted, for example.

Right to data portability & data protection
The exact processing of personal data in the system is explained in the data protection declaration accessible on the profile. The “right to data portability” is also guaranteed in the IMC Process Guide, in addition to information provided on the use of cookies.

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