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  • IMC @ ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 36 Conference

    IMC @ ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 36 Conference

    23 - 30 June in Melbourne 

IMC sponsors international standards in IT event

IMC proudly sponsors the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC36 Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training and its WGs Conference hosted by Standards Australia.

23 – 30 June MelbourneVictoria University

With the International Organisation of Standards (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) coming together in Melbourne at Standards Australia, supporting new and emerging international standards in information technologies for learning, education and training, as a global learning technologies company is a given.

With IMC offices that spread across six ISO/IEC member countries and a customer base in a further 21 member countries of both organisations, IMC proudly sponsors the conference where experts and peers discuss and share their knowledge to take standards in Australia to the next level.

Why International Standards are important

The relatively recent proliferation of mass communication tools, ubiquitous devices and almost universal connectivity to the internet means the world has never been smaller. At the same time, from an information technology perspective it has also never been bigger.

For organisations whose core remit is learning and development rather than information technology, navigating this complex landscape is time-consuming and downright confusing. The head of L&D for a large legal firm or the manager of a government department cannot be expected to know the best tooling for delivering learning on mobile devices or for packaging content to deliver via a learning management system.

This is where Standards come to the fore.

For customers, standards prevent vendor lock-in, reduce switching costs, enable like for like comparison using a common language and informed choice and, to a degree, certainty around that choice. Standards also enable adoption of an ecosystems approach so that content and data can be exchanged efficiently resulting in the right data being in the right place at the right time.

For vendors, adopting standards reduces complexity and cost, enables them to leverage new and emerging technologies, to remain relevant and to achieve economies of scale.

Standardisation is not about one-size fits all, nor about homogenising or reducing choice. But one standard (or set of standards) can fit many sizes. As research by constituent body’s attests, when used appropriately, standards act as enablers – enhancing interoperability of technologies and processes, facilitating choice, international trade, and economic development amongst other things .

As a global learning technologies company, IMC believes that it can add value for its customers by supporting international standards, whether through content development or showing leadership in technical implementation.

IMC is proud to endorse and support the continued efforts of the ISO/IEC JTC 1/ Sub-committee 36 in simplifying and harmonising the landscape of information technology for learning, education and training delivery – since learning, education and training are the keys to economic and political prosperity, potentially millions of people will be the beneficiaries of that effort.

IMC wishes the delegates well in their deliberations, consultations and exchanges and trust they enjoy sights, sounds and tastes of Melbourne – let more great things happen when the world agrees in Melbourne!

Meet me there

Bruce Chynoweth is a former Vendor Member of the SIF AU Data Standards Working Group (now Access4Learning) and has contributed to industry forums developing open standards for e-learning systems integrations including supporting the adoption of SIF and IMS standards in K-12 education in Australia.

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