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E-Learning Punk – The trends of the education rebellion

You want to stand out from the grey mass of boring web-based trainings (WBTs) and inspire your learners with cool, creative and engaging content? Then you've come to the right place! E-Learning Punk is an article and talk series for all L&D Pros who want to dare something and believe that digital training has to be colourful and loud.

Punk´s not dead. e-Learning´s not dead. It´s time for Trendspotting.

Every day new trends in digital training emerge - from game-based learning to mobile learning. Every month we present a trend in an article, explain and give suggestions and tips on how to implement it in the company. Every three months, we also discuss the latest and greatest of the last few months with experts in a talk session.


The quiz show phenomenon in e-learning

Quizz apps for learning? For sure! We will talk about the success factors of quizzes, introduce areas of application for quiz apps in companies and give you 5 tips for their use in continuing education.

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AI Learning

"Artificial intelligence is already further than critics believe." IMC board member Dr. Wolfram Jost explains in this interview how far AI actually is using illustrative examples.

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Go for Game-based Learning

We talk about what lies beneath the trend of this playful knowledge transfer method. We explain why it works so well and present 3 application scenarios for learning games in the company.

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Mobile Learning Life-Hacks

Smartphones, Twitter & Co. are already part of our everyday lives. With our life-hacks you will create inspriring and engaging content that your team can consume from anywhere.

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Blended Learning Recipe

Blended learning is like a balanced meal. In our interview instructional designer Malte Arends reveals his recipe for perfect blended learning, every time.

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Watch out: Video-based Learning

You'll get to now the benefits of video learning and five major training video formats. Finally, you woll get tips on how to create training videos.

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Talk sessions

Punky Talk #3: Katharina Kunz

Katharina, an expert for learning strategies, helps companies link learning content, systems and people to create a working learning ecosystem. She is appealing to those in charge of professional development to provide their learning offer in buffet form.

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Punky Talk #2: Roman Rackwitz

Roman Rackwitz has been involved in gamification since 2007 and has already been named one of the top 10 gamification experts in the world. In the E-Learning Punky Talk, he discusses game-based learning, quiz-based learning and AI.

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Punky Talk #1: Karlheinz Pape

In this E-Learning Punk Talk, Karlheinz Pape, founder of the German Corporate Learning Community, talks about his favourite topic, self-directed learning, as well as the current digital training trends video-based learning, blended learning and mobile learning.

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