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IMC Web-based Story Training

Knowledge conveyed in an exciting way.

Web-based training can still be cutting edge! Problem-based learning ensures variety for the learner and with Web-Based Story Training, the content makes sense through a frame story.

An exciting story that motivates learners and connects contents.

Makes it clear why something is important.

Nothing is more memorable than a good story.

The frame story serves as an anchor for the content to be taught.

An authentic problem is the starting point for learning, motivating people to deal with media.

A good story interests and motivates. The curiosity of the learners is skilfully used to keep their attention.

The learners become part of the story, and can even take part in the action, for an active learning process.

Problems reflect the living and working world of the learner - this facilitates the transfer of what is learned into practice.

The media is embedded in a story frame that ensures a logical flow of information through the individual pages and chapters.

Integration & Tracking.
Integration possible into every learning management system. Document learning successes with detailed tracking.

Adaptations and expansions possible at all times. Content therefore stays up-to-date.

Mobile Learning.
Optimal running capability on mobile devices enabling learning anytime and anywhere.

Award: eLearning AWARD in the category Story Based Learning

The accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers uses a training in secret agent style in order to train young professionals at the beginning of their careers as tax advisors. The project was given the eLearning AWARD 2017.

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