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Happy World Emoji Day!

How can emojis help with your elearning? The sky's the limit!

Happy World Emoji Day! What better way to Image result for strong emoji your Image result for laptop emoji training than with a few smart emojis? Your team will it!

Here are five creative ways emojis can help with your digital learning solutions. Some are easier to do than others, but all can enrich your communication with your colleagues, partners and customers.

1. Decorate your homescreen

When your users log onto your learning management system, welcome them with an emoji or two. It’s a friendly touch and a nice way to set a positive tone to your learning platform.

2. Personalise your LMS email and text messages

Whether it’s a confirmation for signing up, congratulations on completing a course or anything in between, emojis help your message stand out in an inbox and get your message across in an effective and fun way.

3. Quiz results

This one is a little tricky. When the news is bad, emojis can come across as flippant and inappropriate. But the right one can serve as a gentle encouragement not to give up.

4. Overcoming language barriers

Chances are your team has varying levels of language skills. When it comes to basics like identifying good or bad outcomes, what to do and what not to do, emojis speak louder than words.

5. Facilitate conversational learning with chatbots

Use emojis to add a fun and informative touch to your conversational learning programmes, and liven up every training session.

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