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The Game Episode #1

In the game, learners are hired as hackers to steal company secrets. The target of the attack is Slurp Corp, known for their popular energy drink SLURP. Players have a variety of attack techniques at their disposal to steal the recipe for SLURP. The game explains the types of cyberattacks and how to protect against them.

Phishing Detection Booster

Can your employees spot when they’re being phished? In our Phishing Detection Booster, they have to decide for each message if it’s fake or legitimate.

Working from Home

The average workplace at home isn’t as secure as a company office. “Working from home” makes learners aware of the specific cyber security threats and how to avoid them.

Readiness Check

Assess your employees’ cybercrime readiness, identify knowledge gaps and provide personalised feedback.

The Mysterious Cybercrime Case – Coming soon

Some security breaches are easy to track down, but it’s the ones who go uncaught and unidentified that are actually the most interesting. In this part of the journey, learners have to solve a mysterious case.

Hot Topics – Coming soon

Cyber security is a fast-moving sector with new threats emerging every day. The ‘Hot Topics’ series explores these trends in short videos and content nuggets.

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