case study compliance training customer reference audi ag
Case Study
Audi AG

A slightly different kind of
compliance training

case study compliance training customer reference audi ag

Audi is one of the leading German premium automobile manufacturers. Based in Ingolstadt, Germany, the company has been producing top-end vehicles since 1909 and is now part of the Volkswagen Group.

With more than 91,000 employees in locations around the world, Audi generated revenues of EUR 59 billion in 2018.


Motivation for an unloved topic

When employees hear the word “fraud” or find out that they need to attend compliance training, enthusiasm tends to be rather modest. Learners often already dismiss the training before it even starts. 


Yet, in recent years – and in relation to the diesel issues – it became apparent that employees in the automotive sector are not immune to gaps in their knowledge about fraud prevention or detection.

That is why Audi decided to take an unconventional approach to compliance training that would ensure a clear understanding of the necessary knowledge while aiming to make the training fun.

case study compliance training customer reference audi ag

Web-based training of a different kind

“Welcome to Fraud City. The city “eats” its residents – skin, hair and all. We hope you’re up to it. Enter at your own risk.” This intro sounds ever so slightly different to the traditional “Click here to start your training”.  

The entire web-based training course with motion design adopts the style of “Sin City”, and takes the brave participant to a corrupt city full of dangers and suspect colleagues – accompanied by Detective Fraudless who is always on the brink of solving yet another crime and starts off by explaining the rules.

As the employee navigates through the training course, the criteria for identifying cases of fraud are revealed, as are the behavioural patterns that call for special attention. 

case study compliance training customer reference audi ag

Positive feedback on the intranet

Screenshot of Fraud City

Audi demonstrated great courage with this unconventional concept – and reaped the rewards: The elaborate and polarising concept leaves a lasting impression, creating a buzz among almost all employees. Similarly, the intranet feedback was predominantly positive, and many employees praised the web-based training, as Laura Schumacher from the Audi training department confirms. 

  • “Great job! This makes ‘learning’ fun!” 
  • “Very pleasant WBT, executed superbly. That’s what I’d call modern. Let’s have more of this.” 
  • “I thought the presentation of the WBT as a homage to Sin City with L.A. Noire elements was extremely original. A great example for knowledge transfer in an entertaining package. Keep it up!!!” 
  • “We need a lot more web-based training in this style.  It gets the message across in an entertaining and easy-to-understand manner, well narrated with cool stories!” 
Target audience
worldwide > 90,000 employees
Learning format
Web Based Training + Trailer
Film Noir & Sin City
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Compliance training is always a tricky subject. For this WBT though, we received very favourable feedback from our employees!
Laura Schumacher
Audi AG
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