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Blackmores Ltd is Australia’s leading natural health company with annual group revenue of $575.9 million in 2021. The public company develops high-quality products and services that deliver a more natural approach to health, based on its expertise in vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutrients.


Blackmores have been providing quality online education materials to consumers and health care professionals for a number of years.


Partnering with a market leader in vitamin, herbal and mineral supplements

In 2014, Blackmores was seeking a Learning Management System (LMS) partner with an innovative and globally focused provider to deliver the next generation of learning services to Blackmores customers and consumers. They were looking for a supplier with significant experience in Asia, with local consultants who could support Blackmores LMS deployment in Asia.


They also expected the supplier to mitigate risk, particularly in relation to the IT architecture required in China. It was also anticipated the supplier would be required to supply Blackmores with significant configuration and systems integration expertise during the implementation phase of the project.


The aim of the LMS project was to select a partner:


  1. with extensive experience managing data and content architecture at a global level and specifically within China
  2. that is highly configurable to meet the user experience expectations of very different market segments, for example, retail sales and consumer education.
  3. that would provide dashboard analytics to enable ROI assessment and help content investment forecasts

Blackmores’ learning ecosystem

imc partnered with Blackmores in 2015, providing them with a robust, scalable and enterprise LMS solution to meet their business needs and goals.


The imc Learning Suite provides all learning functionality required for Blackmores’ learning requirements.


However, there was tight integration with Blackmores’ external websites (e.g. which handles user accounts, provide user account functionality and shortcuts to catalogue pages.


Meeting business needs and goals

Powered by the imc learning suite, the Blackmores system now runs with over 7 tenants, each tenant bringing unique business needs and technical challenges, which were suitably addressed by imc team and services.


Furthermore, imc has developed custom reporting and analytics solutions for Blackmores enabling their staff to extract structured and meaningful data in an intuitive and responsive interface.


imc also partnered with Blackmores in developing a custom Badging solution “Credly”, demonstrating our strength in partnering with third-party solutions and also effectively providing support and maintenance on such integrations.


Ultimately we were able to enable Blackmores to achieve more by using a reliable and evolving learning platform – the imc Learning Suite.


Increasing sales performance and awareness

The imc Learning Suite contained some nifty features to entice new users, including:

  • A VIP Accreditation Program which helps users by accruing experience points and includes a leaderboard once modules are completed.
  • Enrolment was made easy with open enrolment and automatic access.
  • Face-to-face training with Google maps venue linking.
  • Single sign-on for users with a Blackmores’ account
  • A language that can be changed manually within the system (due to the global nature of the business), and also automatically changes based on GPS location.


After we rolled out the imc Learning Suite, Blackmores saw an uptake of 6,000-7,000 new users month-on-month.

mockup of Blackmores module
Increasing sales performance & awareness
Significant addition of regional new users
An extended enterprise platform accessible by external partners
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