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T-Systems & IMC win for gamified sales training

Germany’s largest ICT provider, T-Systems has won the “Serious Games” category at the eLearning AWARD 2018 for their game-based digital training, “Sell Zero Outage”.

7. March 2018

After implementing the unique quality assurance promise of “Zero Outage” to their customers, T-Systems needs to ensure that their salesforce was equipped with the technical know-how to persuade new and existing customers of the benefits and competently respond to objections. The solution was a story-based "point and click" adventure game.

"With Sell Zero Outage, we've created a true learning experience that not only conveys complex content in an application-oriented way, but also ensures that our employees internalise the knowledge over the long term through fun and reward," said Patricia Omitogun-Meyer, Head of Sales Qualification T-Systems.

“Sell Zero Outage” plays on the competitive nature of the salesforce, pitting team against team for the highest points. Learners navigate through four sales scenarios: acquiring new customers at a trade show, expanding business with existing customers, crisis intervention with an angry customer and persuading a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to change provider. Positive interactions with lifelike avatars earn the learner points and badges, and a leaderboard motivates learners to continue and achieve top scores. 

While the use of gamification in the digital training industry has been limited to levels and badges, IMC is leading the pack with their leaderboard function and state-of-the-art design. 

"Through interesting characters, exciting scenarios and an attractive design, the project partners have succeeded in developing a lively and captivating game, which emotionally binds the player and at the same time promises learning success," writes the eLearning Journal.

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