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About us


IMC has been granted several certifications, which reflect the high quality standards of the full-service provider and its professionalism.

The following ISO-Certifications show IMC’s excellence in information security and quality management:

ISO 27001

Since December 2015 the information security management system of IMC has held the ISO 27001 certification derived from an internationally binding standard to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data.

Dr Tobias Blickle, former member of IMC’s Executive Board, was proud of IMC’s successful ISO certification: “The foundation of our business success lies in our approach to confidential customer data, particularly with regard to our cloud solutions. As a leading e-learning provider, it is even more important that our customers and partners know we fulfil the very highest security standards when it comes to their data, which is at times highly sensitive. Certification from a neutral party now confirms that we fulfil these standards.”

You will find more detailed information here.

ISO 9001

IMC’s quality management has an ISO 9001 certification since 2007. The corresponding ISO standard defines the requirements of quality management systems that organisations have to comply with when providing products and services. By ensuring compliance with these standards, IMC aims to safeguard and improve the quality of its offer and hence a stronger customer focus.

Microsoft Azure Certificate

Since October 2014 IMC’S EPSS (Electronic Performance Support System) IMC Process Guide has a Microsoft Azure Certificate. On the Azure Marketplace customers can easily find, purchase and deploy the solution on Azure. The certification gives clients the confidence that the compatibility of solution selected, with Azure has been vetted thoroughly.