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imc's "Instructional Design & UX" creates the inspiration for training experiences that excite people.   

Instructional Design & UX

Are you full of ideas, have strong conceptual skills and feel at home in the digital world? Perfect. Your job: Creating engaging, motivating and tailored concepts for our clients. This work requires intuition for learning and didactics, as well as for people and their needs. Your analysis identifies the root of the issues; your solution inspires. You integrate current trends in digital learning and user experience 


Creativity and a keen eye for details are key for the conceptual design. As Instructional Designer, you enjoy copywriting, are quick to grasp and immerse yourself in new topics, and happy to adapt to different clients and adopt a range of learning formats. As UX Designer, you deeply care about a perfect user experience. You are always asking: “How do the users experience our training courses? What can we do to enhance this experience?” In both roles, you are combining your client and brand focus with your know-how of technical feasibility. 


You can expect meaningful and varied work with exciting clients, autonomy in projects, and a friendly multi-disciplinary team. Help us set new trends in digital training!  

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Instructional Designer

From the initial captivating idea to put on the table through creative and effective implementation concepts to the carefully drafted script – you are developing digital learning content in Instructional Design. Let your high standards for your creative work and your love for copywriting come alive!  

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UX & Interaction Designer

As UX & Interaction Designer, you develop concepts for different digital formats, such as responsive web specials, interactive videos, serious games and apps. You outline user flows and finalise them with wireframing and prototyping tools. Together with our designers, developers and 3D artists, you bring your ideas to life. You act as a sparring partner for other divisions and support our sales team in their pitches.  

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    Instructional Design & UX
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For those who prefer to work at home, or who face a long commute, it is possible to work from home by prior agreement with your Line Manager.

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