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Topic: E-learning glossary, part 1

The big e-learning glossary -
part 1

Lost in LMS and WBT? The e-learning glossary helps!

LMS, SCORM, WBT, EPSS, CBT, SCORM, ITS!? Lost in e-learning abbreviations? Digital learning is teeming with cryptic terms, mostly not self-explanatory technical terms and terms that mean the same thing but are called differently.

In this series we shed some light on the subject and have compiled the most important terms and abbreviations in an e-learning glossary.

Part 1: From Adaptive Learning Systems to Interactive Video

Adaptive learning systems, also: Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)

Adaptive learning systems gather data on the learner's activities and uses this to adapt the learning journey to the individuals observed needs. Using algorithms, the system will deliver image based content to visual learners and interactive content to a communicative learner, or advanced content to user showing expertise in the subject area.

Adventure Game, also called Learning Game, see Serious Game
Author System or Authoring System/ Content Authoring Tool

An authoring tool is a development tool for interactive applications with which text, graphics, sound and interactivity can be combined to form a piece of content. Authoring tools can be used to create simple presentations or WBT, or with an advanced tool, a full interactive module. No programming knowledge is required for an authoring system.

More about authoring systems.

Bespoke content, also Custom content, check Individual content
Blended Learning

Blended learning uses a combination of online and in person training to deliver a training program. The term often also refers to a blended of instructional methods, pedagogical approaches and technologies.

More about blended learning.

Conversational Learning, also: Conversational Interfaces

Conversational learning interfaces utilise the basic concepts of social learning to create an interactive learning experience. The chatbot guides the user through the learning material with a question and answer conversation between user and bot. Emoji's are a key part of conversational learning. Used as a replacement for body language, emoji's provide the learner with the non-verbal ques that are missing from digital training tools.

More about Conversational Learning.

Custom content or bespoke content, check individual content
Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS)

An EPSS supports just-in-time learning. In contrast to formal learning, this takes place at the point of need. EPSS is typically deployed to support a piece of software and can either guide a user through a process or act as a JIT tool, on hand to provide support when needed. The user gains independence and confidence by efficiently learning new systems and process without the aid of colleagues.

More about Electronic Performance Support.

Extended Enterprise

An extended enterprise means a company that needs to train, for example, franchisees, external service providers, brokers, etc. Such training, often mandatory, can be tackled strategically and efficiently using an integrated automation process built into an existing LMS.
More about Extended Enterprise and Standard Content.

Game-based Learning

The term Game-based Learning refers to the appearance and the visual presentation, for example within a serious game. A learning environment must be created that is attractive for the user, in which he can develop further and in which he can gain positive learning experiences.

More about Game-based Learning.


This term refers to player motivation. Gamification elements within a serious game can be scores that are displayed to the learner and allow him to compare himself with other players. Further gamification elements are badges and badges, which are awarded after completed tasks.

Intelligent Tutoring Systems, IST, see Adaptive Learning Systems
Individual content

Individual content is developed tailor-made for a customer and can appear in various formats, e.g. as a serious game, web-based training or interactive video.

Interactive Video

Interactive videos are films that allow learners to decide for themselves what they want to see next. The learner is thus not only a passive viewer, but actively determines what he sees and learns.

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