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Reaching Business Growth by Learning & Development

Learning and Development - Driving Business Growth

The primary objectives of digital learning

-A guest article by Daniel Antman, Managing Director imc Australia-

It’s hard to think of a time when the importance of training, learning and development has had greater focus than now. Improving employee performance and achieving better financial results are the primary objectives of learning in the digital era.

Data suggests that when organisations spend USD 1,500 per employee per year on learning, they achieve improvements in profit margins of around 24% (Source: E-Learning Industry 2019). Corporate learning has been forced into rapid change and the requirement to learn anytime and anywhere has never been more important.

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Bringing all parts of digital learning together

Virtual conferencing tools have become the dominant medium for communication and we’ve quickly become accustomed to this new way of connecting. What we have yet to come to terms with is how to develop and train employees and our extended networks in a purely digital environment.


Make no mistake, virtual conferencing tools are critically important in this new age, yet we must recognise they are not designed to deliver impactful and outcome orientated learning. The solution is bringing the sum of all the parts of digital learning together - technology, content and strategy.

Increasing revenue, improved efficiencies and organisational growth

Successfully doing so will deliver exceptional learning, development and training experiences that align with the learning organisation’s objectives of increased revenue, improved efficiencies and organisational growth.

The key to success are:

  • leading-edge digital learning technology combining next-generation learning functionality
  • high degrees of customisation based on users specifications
  • simplicity of use for learners and administrators

For learning, training and development to be impactful and to align with an organisations objectives, a powerful combination of systems and content is required. The most sophisticated and technological advanced vehicles are only as good as the fuel source that powers them. It’s no different for learning.

Impactful learning by combining LMS, Content and Strategy

A cutting edge, functionality rich and highly customisable enterprise grade learning management system (LMS) can be applied for different purposes. These can include compliance, employee and external audience development, as well as onboarding and competency management.

The real power comes from connecting such a system with a content strategy that combines conceptual design, technology and analytics. So you will achieve the best learning experiences – be it 100 % custom content and/or ready-to-use off-the-shelf-material. The result will be impactful learning that has been proven to drive the achievement of business objectives. The benefits are clear and measurable.


Greater Employee Engagement

Capturing the time and attention of those who matter drives adoption, loyalty and understanding. When the people you are trying to reach become consistently engaged with what you offer, a defining difference sets you apart from the competition.


Increased Capacity

Digital transformation is the key to future growth. Enabling this capability today means setting your organisation with a greater capacity of obtaining better outcomes during unanticipated disruptions, marketplace fluctuation and restructuring.


Effective Onboarding

Empowering new hires to learn your organisation‘s ins and outs is only the beginning, as ongoing development will bring alignment and value to everything you do. When done right, overheads are minimised, and the hearts and minds of the people who matter most are won with ease.


Efficiencies Through Focus

Well trained and developed team members enable them to focus on their core responsibilities to drive value for their end clients. This drives a reduction in support overheads and will deliver far greater outcomes for everyone involved.


Retention – Employees and Customers

The process of obtaining great relationships, loyal customers and ongoing growth is an extremely time consuming and expensive investment for all successful organisations. Well trained stakeholders (internal or external) will drive value, trust and ultimately long-term loyalty.


Growth of The Bottom Line

When done right, training your team effectively can drive tangible and ongoing benefits to your revenue streams and overall bottom line by enabling your customers to see the value in what you provide.


Empowering the Employee – A Key Theme for 2021

Companies will need to redefine their organisation’s learning and development strategy in 2021 to ensure alignment with their revenue and growth objectives. Daniel Antman, Managing Director of imc Australia, talks about his experiences, lessons learned but also chances and possibilities for the Australian e-learning marketing in 2021.

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Redefining Your Organisation’s Learning and Development Strategy

The digital transformation of learning is having an immediate and notable impact on business performance. The dominant behaviours that will define success are adaptability, nimbleness and alignment.

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