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Predictive Analytics: The use of learner data for ongoing education

How to use integrated evaluation tools in Learning Management Systems

These days, “big data” is a real buzzword. But what does this buzzword actually mean for training strategies in your organization?
Modern Learning Management Systems have built-in evaluation mechanisms, so-called learning analytics, to indicate the learning habits of employees based on the evaluation of complex amounts of data. By doing so, learning analytics help training and HR managers to evaluate “big learner data” with the intention to use the findings for future training programs, e.g. these analyses identify training needs and topics that learners find difficult, the learners’ “blind spots”, so to speak.

IMC Learning Suite, the proven LMS by IMC, provides predefined analysis reports to different user groups via personalized dashboards.

  • HR and training managers can use the data to identify more and less favorite learning content thus offering topics according to staff’s individual preferences.
  • Learners benefit from the insight obtained through their data by regularly receiving updates on the progress they make compared to their peers. They also receive specific recommendations on additional courses, they could be interested in.

A complex authorization system prevents personal data from leaking. To ensure maximum privacy protection, international security concepts like OWASP standards (open web application security project) have been complied with.

Read more in our whitepaper.

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