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On-the-job training: Passing on expert knowledge – structured

Does it sound familiar to you?

Do education and training play an important role in your company? Do you appreciate the expert know-how of your experienced colleagues and would like to pass it on to your new employees? As you are aware: new employees get to know their new role particularly efficient and fast through guidance from more experienced colleagues and directly on the job, whether in apprenticeship, coaching or changing position.

Additionally, you would like to have:

  • Well-documented, organised and structured training processes
  • Clear information about tasks, learning progress and assessments at short notice
  • A central platform from which all data can be accessed anytime and anywhere

It will be of interest to you! 

Intelligent on-the-job training in a modern company

This company supports the training process with the IMC Learning Suite. A great plus for trainers and trainees. See for yourself!

IMC Learning Suite – solution for your challenges

Part of the Learning Suite, the on-the-job training module benefits trainers, executive staff and the mentors, who guide and support new employees, but first and foremost, it is of benefit to the new employee.

The on-the-job training offers:

  • Clear structures for initial and advanced training processes<
  • Reliable documentation of all data, tasks and results, including ratings and learning progress of new employees
  • Supervisors the basis for staff development activities
  • Automatic data storage in the system

Faces behind our products

IMC Product manager Christian Schreyer, co-responsible for the development of the "on-the-job training" application, gives you a better insight into the key features, different use cases and benefits of the Learning Suite module.

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