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    Blended Learning

    The right mix for success

Design positive learner experiences

Blended Learning is the combination of the benefits of online and face-to-face training methods for the most efficient and optimal outcome. Modular learning units are the foundation.


Become a Blended Learning expert with our infographic and see first-hand all benefits and a step-by-step guide to create a successful and effective Blended Learning strategy.

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Case Study

Learn how blended learning helped Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) streamline training for its licensed officers.

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A modular system full of possibilities

Various module formats should be used. Ultimately we don’t just learn by traditional educational methods alone, but also through role models, tasks and workplace challenges. Alongside on-site seminars and web-based training, coaching, working aids, discussion forums and simulations etc. should also be considered.

We learn:

Up to 70% through tasks and work-place challenges

Up to 20% through role-models in our working environment

Up to 10% through traditional education methods

Training Strategy

We support you to choose the right format for each situation.

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IMC Learning Suite

An optimal LMS is the backbone of any success as it efficiently combines the modules.

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E-Learning Content

Get inspired by our formats and pick the modules right for you.

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A result greater than the sum of its parts

To ensure that individual made-to-measure learning pathways are created from individual modules, careful planning is required. Amongst other things the following should be considered:

Modules should be chosen taking aims, learning phase and level of experience in consideration

A unique look will create instant recognition

A story with appearing characters across all modules creates continuity

Face-to-face training sessions can be prepared and followed-up online

Digital gimmicks such as mini-games create variety during face-to-face seminars

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