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Change Management: Be open for change!

7. December 2015

Was everything really better in the past, or is it just a flaw? If a company wants to be successful in the market, it must be able to respond quickly to internal and external changes. The magic word is “Change management”! Change... read more

Ongoing training in the healthcare sector: The 5 great challenges, and how to address them

28. September 2015

In the USA alone, more than 18 million people work in the field of "Healthcare and Social Assistance".[i] This clearly demonstrates the sector's importance to the economy. At the same time, the healthcare sector is an... read more

Gamification - Diverse Options in Play Between Classical E-Learning and Serious Games

11. August 2015

Learning should be fun! Both advanced learning delegates and learners in corporate organisations agreed on this. For this reason, game elements are increasingly being used in classical advanced learning concepts. Falk Hegewald,... read more

Join us: why modern training cannot do without cleverly-designed learning environments

21. July 2015

The following article highlights the key points training experts need to consider when creating a learning environment for their employees, and which pitfalls to look out for.It takes more than interior decorators to make... read more

Flexibility is key: adaptive approaches for training heterogeneous target groups

8. July 2015

It is no longer enough for HR professionals and training officers to just tell employees what to learn and when. Effective learning happens when the adopted training methods are flexible enough to suit different learning types,... read more

PENS - or the easiest route to " rapid e-learning"

1. July 2015

Have you heard of PENS? The term stands for "Package Exchange Notification Services" and was developed in 2005. PENS bypasses most of the usual tedious steps involved in distributing content and instead works with SCORM... read more

Why Electronic Performance Support motivates even reluctant learners

16. June 2015

A new spirit of optimism is sweeping through the world of learning as criticism of the good old 70:20:10 model increases - a training formula that virtually every recruiter can recite in his or her sleep. Created in 1996, the... read more

Trend Guide: Blended Learning

3. June 2015

Theres no doubt about it: online learning is great. Digital tuition is fast, effective and inexpensive. E-learning can be accessed anywhere at any time, even on smartphones and tablets. However, despite the benefits, some online... read more

IMC Trend Guide: Badges as a learning incentive

13. May 2015

Some learners will have fond memories of their early school days: the teachers cheerful reward stamps, placed at the bottom of painstakingly completed homework, were motivation enough to get them to try just that little bit... read more

IMC Trend Guide: The digitalization of Products and Services

10. April 2015

Back in January, at the start of this year, the IMC Trend Guide provided a detailed report on digitalization and augmented reality. But the trending topic of digitalization still has a lot more to offer, and that's why we would... read more

E-Learning from Abu Dhabi to Zimbabwe - Why Culture Matters

19. March 2015

The 12th International Conference on Information Systems in Osnabrück, Germany has just come to an end. The theme for this years conference was "Smart Enterprise Engineering ? Digital Products and Processes for the... read more

Social Learning: What is the reality for businesses in 2015

27. February 2015

The world is increasingly being shaped by intelligent mobile user experience and our expectation as consumers is now of 'one-stop-shop' access to apps and services like Uber, Evernote or Just Eat, via a mobile or tablet. Over the... read more

IMC Trend Guide: What makes a good explanatory video?

20. February 2015

If an image is worth a thousand words, videos are able to convey even more than that to satisfy today's requirement for quick and entertaining information transfers. For this reason more and more companies are ditching long texts... read more

IMC Trend Guide: Augmented Reality - Can you see what I see?

13. January 2015

How important are Digitalization and Augmented Reality in today's world and what's their role for the future? Members of the digital avant-garde may well ask why they should renounce their digital devices at any point during... read more

L&D resolutions: How to set your training goals for 2015

12. January 2015

So - your best intentions may have fallen off the wagon towards the end of 2014 in terms of your L&D strategy - after all, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the new technologies and trends that are released throughout the year... read more