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Privacy Policy

This app involves a mobile platform for accessing and playing contents of Learning Suite.

You receive access to your courses, their media, news, appointments and catalogs.

User Data

In order to be able to use the app, you need an account in the Learning Suite of your app provider. The login data and password are stored on the mobile device and they will be deleted when logging in with another user account.

Your app provider assumes no liability in the case of access by unauthorized parties, improper storage or the loss of the device. This particularly applies when you download learning content from Learning Suite onto the device.

We do not require or make use of the personal data stored on the device, other than content which is stored through the app itself.

We require access to other data stored on your device in order to allow upload of files to the LMS via the application, such as video and photo attachments to On the job training.

We will store your LMS user information on the device for as long as you have the app installed.

For ease of use, we will keep your preferences saved even if you log out.

All user related data will be wiped if a different user will log in.

We will store the files that you download until you request to have them removed or until a different user logs in to the app on your device.

Synchronization and Download

Upon login, we will synchronize your learning content with the LMS system, bringing over content details.

Downloaded learning content is stored on your device and it can be removed later within the application or by emptying the application cache in the app settings.

It is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient memory space before downloading learning content.

Downloading learning content may consequently incur additional costs and therefore it is recommended using a fixed wireless network (wireless LAN) for large data volumes.



We require access to your device's camera in order to allow you to update your LMS user profile.

The action can only be performed on demand.


We also require access to your photo Gallery in order to support updating your profile picture with existing pictures.

The action can only be performed on demand.


We require access to your calendar in order to record your appointments.

This action can only be done on demand.