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The new Conversational Learning Trainings: Just like chatting with a colleague

For some time now we have been used to communicating with chatbots and language assistants. Siri, Watson and Alexa are never stuck for an answer to our questions or in assisting us in our everyday lives. In the science fiction film “Her”, the whole thing goes so far that the main character, played by Joaquin Phoenix, falls in love with his computer operating system.

In our professional lives, bots have been integrated into work processes alongside our human colleagues, answering customer questions in online shops or chatting to potential job applicants about vacancies.

In the context of continuous learning, chatbots can create a learning experience similar to one-on-one teaching, making social and interactive learning “in dialogue” with an end-device possible.

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  • Four challenges facing digital learners
  • How conversational learning works
  • Nine powers of conversational learning


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Learning through chat

Smart phone users love chatting via messenger apps, 55 billion messages sent every day via WhatsApp alone. Conversational learning turns this social chat scenario into a simulated training experience by presenting e-learning content as a two-way chat conversation. This creates training sessions that feel like a natural conversation with a friend or good colleague - personal, fun and to the point. 

Recording: Hear more about it

Nick Petch, IMC's digital learning production lead, discusses how and why conversational learning is social and interactive. Text reduces barriers and reflects day-to-day interactions. which look and feel like a natural conversation – very personal, straight to the point, and fun.


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A learning format without barriers to entry

IMC’s conversational learning offerings can be integrated in any Learning Management System. The trainings can be used for a multitude of training scenarios and content. From information rich compliance training right up to more emotive sales training – the most diverse topics can be taught with personality and animation using the conversational learning technique.

Emojis can be used to enrich the conversation with emotion and simple and accommodating language is deliberately used, as opposed to the formal style used in traditional web-based training. The simplified conversational technique breaks down complex topics and, in doing so, the topics are more easily comprehensible.

Learning Nuggets

Via the chat partner the learner is given the most important information in small nuggets just large enough to occupy someone while waiting for a train or on the way to a client meeting. The responsive design allows for learning on the go, anytime, anywhere and on any device. For topics where the learner will require further explanations links are inserted into the course of the conversation to additional content, such as videos, 3-D models, PDF’s or quizzes. Learners determine the course of the conversation by answering single and multiple-choice questions. Depending on the response, the entire learning scenario can change and the user is immediately shown the consequences – just as in real life.

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