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Bursting with Innovations

The finest minds in our company work on a daily basis on the further development of our products. In doing so they don’t just orient themselves towards the most current developments in the e-learning industry, but first and foremost towards your suggested improvements and wishes.

Would you like to find out about everything we have already implemented for you? Here, you can find an overview of the most recently published product updates:

Innovation Pack 9

  • IMC Learning Suite: Easy course creation, another virtual classroom, new integrated time zone management and much more.
  • IMC Process Guide: Web version is now fully integrated into IMC Learning Suite. Updated and modern UI/UX design.
  • IMC Content Studio: Implementation of course specific JavaScript code and CSS styles.

Innovation Pack 8

  • IMC Learning Suite: Integration of external traning contents and applications through Learning Tools Interoperability, self-directed learning with e-portfolios, redesign of the course room, creation of learning programs, skill-based learning.
  • IMC Process Guide: Improved user navigation of the web guide, extension of the web guide by the process navigator.
  • IMC Content Studio: Centralised media management, improved preview function without previous export, new templates for course creation.

Innovation Pack 7

  • IMC Learning Suite: Personalisation, comprehensive gamification elements and the integration with the Typo3 Content Management System and much more.
  • IMC Process Guide: Freely definable help texts and the possibility of implementing updates quickly and with ease directly in the user component.
  • IMC Content Studio: Customisable and re-usable templates.

Innovation Pack 6

  • IMC Learning Suite: Multi-step design of learning plans with multiple location alternatives for classroom training sessions and the seamless integration of on-the-job training modules in the most wide-ranging training and further education scenarios.
  • IMC Content Studio: Ready-to-use templates for the creation of the “Memo” game.
  • IMC Process Guide: Available now as a web client. This removes the need to install the software on a computer.