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Rapid Authoring Tools – LECTURNITY

LECTURNITY makes it very easy to record the screen or a PowerPoint presentation; it is just as easy to create a training video, to present products and to make your presentations interactive. Endless possibilities giving you very impressive results.
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Guided Tour

Our references

LECTURNITY allows you to create appealing e-learning courses. The easy integration of audio and video content when creating teaching and learning processes enables you to create a number of didactic scenarios. Whether podcast or a video-based lecture, LECTURNITY is an asset, offering a multitude of possibilities through a single software.

Dr. Rüdiger Keller, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH


In our “Media Lab”, we demonstrate how to easily and efficiently transfer a lecture to the internet and to then access it online. These reference scenarios using LECTURNITY strengthen our position as a scientific innovation driver for learning technologies.

Prof. Marcus Specht, Open Universiteit Nederland


With LECTURNITY, we have found the perfect solution for our requirements. The authoring tool enables us to promote the marketing of knowledge generated in an academic context on a European level. Especially the possibility of video integration is a central pillar of our project.

Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos"

The present version is available via the order form, but product development has ceased and service will no longer provide support. For all those who are very fond of LECTURNITY, the software is still available at a price of EUR 149.

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IMC Content Studio

We offer IMC Content Studio to create e-learning content, our professional authoring software that is repeatedly updated with the latest innovations.
IMC Content Studio features both HTML5 and SCORM compatibility. As a result, the content created is suitable for any kind of application – for both offline and online use and with or without a learning management system.
Our extremely flexible software will convince you!

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IMC Teach

For those of you who simply want to try creating learning content, we recommend IMC Teach for both the creation and distribution of learning content, free of charge. IMC Teach provides an end-to-end solution to create, process and distribute your very own content. Additionally, you have the possibility to evaluate the use of your content and the learning results achieved.

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