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Recovery Missions:
Turning failures into successes

DateTuesday 28 May
Time3pm AEST / 1pm SGT
  • In this webinar, our experts will share their learning experiences with projects that didn’t quite go according to plan.

  • Learn about rescuing a troubled project, how your team can emerge stronger from the experience, and perspectives from both the client and agency perspective.

Implementing a new system:
securing a plan for success

DateThursday 13 June 2019
Time3pm AEST / 1pm SGT
  • A webinar on getting all your team members engaged in a project, and keeping them that way.

  • Learn more about launch planning and preparations, best practice training, and hot to make changes to your system.


Storytelling: the secret to memorable and effective e-learning

DateTuesday 25 June 2019
Time3pm AEST / 1pm SGT
  • Join IMC’s Ravi Tandon for a webinar on why storytelling matters in e-learning, and how to do it most effectively.

  • Learn methods for great story structuring and memorable characters, learner interaction, and the do’s and don’ts of storytelling.


Conversational Learning

Learning through conversations is social and interactive. Text reduces barriers and reflects day-to-day interactions which look and feel like a natural conversation – very personal, straight to the point, and fun.

Speaker: Nick Petch, Digital Learning Production Lead, IMC