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IMC Web-based Comic Training

Knowledge that is fun.

With Web-based Comic Training, media can be colourfully and comically conveyed thanks to its appealing design. Used as a standard format, a central theme can also be woven visually throughout the topics.

It's different.
Transferring knowledge as never seen before.

It's fun.
Even dry material can be engaging.

It's motivating.
Arouses the curiosity of the learners - and motivates them to keep at it.

Diverse: Ensure variety with an appealing design in a comic style.

Direct: Gets to the heart of abstract and complex content.

Memorable: Content is remembered better through the use of visual story telling.

Engaging: Generate additional excitement with animated elements.

High recognition value: Uses a standard format (e.g. for recurring topics), a visual central theme is created across individual learning units.

Even complex topics are fun: Engaging characters make learning entertaining.

Integration & Tracking.
Integration possible into every learning management system. Document learning successes with detailed tracking.

Adaptations and expansions possible at all times. Content therefore stays up-to-date.

Mobile Learning.
Optimal running capability on mobile devices enabling learning anytime and anywhere.

Best Pracitices: Learn from others

E-learning design: casual dress! With a web-based training, Sanitas increases awareness for complaint management among staff.

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