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IMC 3D Explorer

Up close.

Rotating 3D view enables you to be immersed in a virtual space. Objects and places can be learned about digitally at a relaxed pace – almost as in the real world.

In the thick of it.
Experience places before you go there; as preparation, to deepen your understanding, or instead of a real visit.

See more.
There are things that cannot be described; explore them visually to increase understanding.

Experience the difference.
Learn what it's all about: Try products in a virtual reality and see their special features up close.

Characteristics and details can be easily explained.

Interactive elements lead to important information - knowledge is actively developed.

Research areas and products click-by-click and gather experience and recognition of what is important.

Screen boundaries dissolve: Rotating 3D views allow deep immersion in virtual spheres.

Objects and places can be learned about digitally in a relaxed manner - even before the first contact in the real world.

In addition to textual information, video sequences, links and gaming components can be integrated as well.

Integration & Tracking.
Integration possible into every learning management system. Document learning successes with detailed tracking.

Adaptations and expansions possible at all times. Content therefore stays up-to-date.

Mobile Learning.
Optimal running capability on mobile devices enabling learning anytime and anywhere.

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