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Digital transformation is the networking of virtual and real worlds and Double Dare is the right app for this transformation.

The smartphone and tablet app offers multiple possibilities to make use of digital elements for real-life purposes. Find a usage scenario that suits you.

Scenario „Digital paper chase“

Never want to host a boring event ever again? With a “digital paper chase” you can make every day and every event much more exciting. Get your participants to solve mini tasks during the event to collect points with Double Dare.

  • Customer events
  • Internal innovation days
  • Christmas parties
  • Exhibitions
  • and much more...


A customer of ours, BASF, used a digital paper chase during an innovation day for employees in the personal development department. Best practice examples of the topic of digital education needed to be presented in order to generate ideas for their own training.

  • Five teams were equipped with tablets which included the Double Dare app, could watch Best Practice examples and associated questions, searched for hidden solutions and scanned QR-Codes to collect points ...

  • ... With a live projection of the ranking each team’s points were shown. The team which solved everything correctly, posted the solution word as a photo in the Facebook group, won the competition. 

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Scenario „Digital Learning to go“

Double Dare supports highly dynamic working conditions by making knowledge available in mobile form to suit every situation.

  • Location-dependent QR codes show context related content
  • Recommendations for action from the Double Dare community help in every situation
  • Exchanging views helps you to master challenges quicker


Skilled workers in warehouse logistics receive goods, apply controls and store them appropriately. At peak times things can turn a little chaotic in the warehouse. At such times it is important that every action counts. Double Dare helps warehouse employees to cope with tasks such as the correct acceptance and storage of goods by making up-to-date information and recommendations from colleagues available in every situation.

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