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More fun while learning, more success at work – IMC presents Innovation Pack 6

New features for gamification, on-the-job training and convenient learning are in focus with the latest product update

11. December 2015

The e-learning industry is developing rapidly. IMC AG, the full-service E-learning provider based in Saarbrücken, Germany, has identified the latest trends early. Today, IMC AG presents the innovative additional functions and brand new features in the Innovation Pack 6 for its products: the Learning Management System, IMC Learning Suite, the E-Learning Authoring software, IMC Content Studio and the electronic performance support system (EPSS), IMC Process Guide.

For more fun while learning

With immediate effect, the latest product version of the IMC Learning Suite offers Gamification elements for more fun when learning. Points systems increase motivation and have an impact on the learning outcome. With the use of incentive elements, users engage more intensively with the learning content. The achievements during the learning progress are not only assessed but also rewarded through visualisation of a new level of competence or a higher level of professional development. This in turn increases engagement and supports efficient, sustainable learning. The sixth extension of Content Studio, IMC’s authoring software, stands for more variety in learning. The newly developed “memo game” supports game-based learning and quickly and easily helps to liven up the training and continuing education units. To make the intake of information a little more entertaining, IMC Content Studio offers ready-to-use templates for the popular game. The proven teaching tool uses 3 to 15 card pairs to test knowledge.

On-the-job training: Intelligent combination of theory and practice

According to the “70:20:10” model, on-the-job training is the main part of operational training measures. The 6th extension of the intelligent IMC Learning Management System integrates practice-oriented on-the-job training seamlessly into the various training and further education scenarios. The different learning formats including WBT’s, classroom training, online seminars, practical exercises and tests, which can be combined in any way, allow for the consistent and holistic mapping of training and further education scenarios. Work results can be uploaded immediately to the system as a photo or video and can be documented and discussed. Comprehensive reports and interactive action lists provide meaningful information about the training status and tasks required, for example, the upcoming work assessment.

Sophisticated curricula for more flexibility and depth 

IMC´s LMS now provides a unique level of flexibility in the structure of the advanced training program. The curriculum can be designed in multiple levels and relevant supplementary courses can be added to the course elements. In a blended learning scenario, this means more flexibility in the implementation of attendance trainings. Learners can conveniently choose from different location alternatives. 

EPSS “Guide to Go”

In the new IMC Process Guide version, the user component, the so-called “Guide” is now also available as a web client. This means that it is no longer necessary to install the software on the users’ computers. A personal virtual assistant is assigned to each user, which helps to operate any web-based software through context sensitive aids, thus avoiding errors. The contents for various applications can be centrally maintained and managed on the Process Guide Server.

You will find detailed information about Innovation Pack 6 here.

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