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IMC seals partnership deal for a nationwide Blended Learning project in Singapore

Singapore’s Work Development Agency will introduce an online learning platform to facilitate the lifelong learning commitment of the entire workforce. IMC is their partner of choice for both conceptual design and implementation of the new platform.

27. November 2015

Earlier this month, representatives from Singapore’s Work Development Agency (WDA) met with Christian Wachter, spokesman of the IMC board of directors, and board member Dr. Tobias Blickle to agree upon the joint delivery of the TOLS project (Total Online Learning Solution) and to set the next project milestones.

WDA and especially the Lifelong Learning Institute subdivision are the driving forces behind this project, which aims to maintain and to boost the employability of the country’s workforce by implementing a holistic Blended Learning Strategy. Therefore they would like to create a centralized multi-client platform, which will include all of the digital learning material provided by any local training provider. “TOLS will cover a wide range of contents and it will become the central hub of e-learning in Singapore”, said Christian Wachter. Additionally, existing face-to-face courses will be enhanced with different e-learning contents. This will help the teaching environment of the city state in developing towards a more holistic learning approach with online and offline learning complementing each other. Documenting all training and further education activities in a central platform is a vital requirement for a comprehensive Learning Record Store, which represents the second pillar of the TOLS concept, next to the content library.

In an international tender, IMC managed to win the contract against large, international syndicates. The decision in favor of the Saarbrücken-based full service provider was not only taken due to its encompassing consulting approach, which spans from project planning to marketing and roll-out. IMC convinced WDA in addition with the design of an evaluation concept to assess TOLS’s overall success which consequently covers all project phases. The different training providers will use the IMC Learning Suite, IMC’s award-winning learning management system, to upload and to distribute their course content. The system will use the analytics function integrated into the Learning Suite to provide users with tailored suggestions on additional courses and an education and career path for each individual user.

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