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Learning more about sustainable water management via an online game

A new online simulation game is helping us to predict the impact of climate change over the next 50 years

15. June 2015

What will our environment be like in 50 years’ time and what impact does our own behavior and climate change have on our everyday lives? A freely available online simulation game now gives those interested a chance to answer these questions by playing the role of a regional advisor for water management. As part of this role, the gamers have to react to changes in climate and create a balance between the requirements of different user groups by actively managing water distribution, for example by means of hydraulic engineering measures.

The simulation game has been developed within the framework of the BMBF innovation network INKA BB by the Leibniz Center for agricultural landscape research e.V. (ZALF) in cooperation with project partners. The aim of the project was to present scientific research results to a broad public in an engaging format to create awareness on the problem of climate change. In collaboration with IMC, the innovation network found a competent partner in the area of digital education.

Together the project partners have developed a serious game designed mainly for high school and university students as well as for stakeholders who regularly deal with water management. The game depicts a typical Brandenburg landscape where different climate scenarios are simulated over a time frame of 50 years.

Discover the virtual world within the ZALF simulation game now. Decide how the land is used and how rain water management should be organised!

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