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IMC develops further training concept with Munich-based private bank

As part of a workshop organised by IMC, the training professionals at Bankhaus August Lenz learned how to create their own e-learning scripts with IMC supporting the technical implementation.

29. May 2015

Munich-based private bank, Bankhaus August Lenz, is developing a new further training concept in partnership with IMC. The aim is to ensure that its employees' ongoing knowledge of constantly evolving regulatory requirements and product developments can quickly and efficiently be brought up to date. The goal of the project was to create an intuitively operable course delivered flexibly on various devices, with an additional central component whereby Bankhaus August Lenz would create the course content itself.
To achieve this, leading employees at the Munich-based private bank were given the training required to create the e-learning scripts as part of an IMC workshop. Technical implementation was taken care of by IMC as the next step. As part of the training the participants acquired useful new skills relating to the linguistic and visual design of content which they can continue to apply and can pass on to other training experts within the company.

The learning concept, developed jointly by IMC and Bankhaus August Lenz, is based on a cloud approach. IMC’s e-learning authoring software Content Studio was selected to create the learning content. A key reason for using IMC Content Studio, aside from its intuitive operability, was the suitability of the software for smartphones and tablets. The IMC Learning Suite was chosen as the learning management system as it offers an overview of the learning progress of the individual employees and shows the overall status of the courses passed. Christian Esposito, who is responsible for training and further training at Bankhaus August Lenz, is convinced by the further training solutions offered by IMC: "The IMC products allow us to superbly implement our company philosophy of fully personalised private banking", he stresses.

All relevant employees from Bankhaus August Lenz now have access to the four web-based training sessions on various financial services topics such as "retirement provision and taxes" and "investment funds". Sound has been added to the course content along with lively animation and diagrams.

Looking to the future of their training concept, the training managers at Bankhaus August Lenz are planning not only to expand the current courses to offer an even wider range of learning content, but also to add additional interactive aspects to the course elements.

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