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IMC is awarded Microsoft silver cloud platform competency

IMC, quick to recognise the future trend of cloud computing, has since been steadily developing expertise in the subject

25. February 2015

From little fluffy clouds to blanket cloud cover: more and more companies are coming to appreciate the benefits of cloud computing.

According to a study conducted by the internationally active market research and consultancy company IDC, expenditure for public cloud services in 2013 reached US$47.4 billion. By 2017, this figure is likely to have increased to almost US$108 billion. The IT sector is also responding to this boom in demand for cloud computing: since Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform, was first introduced in 2010 under the name of Windows Azure, the system has been enhanced with a multitude of new functionalities and finally succeeded in establishing itself as the market leader in 2014.

As a company associated with learning since more than 20 years, IMC is constantly seeking out new technologies and opportunities that it can use to create unparalleled learning results. To ensure it stays at the cutting edge of available technology, the company attaches great importance to regular communication with other key players regarding new trends and their potential and synergies, and this was how IMC spotted the early signs of a trend towards cloud computing. As a result, it has been consistently developing cloud activities since 2009.

Customers wanting to reduce their operating costs have long since had the opportunity to make use of IMC cloud services. Both the Process Guidance Suite and the Learning Suite offered by IMC can be used in a public or private cloud, with the help of Microsoft Azure.

But that's not all: the Microsoft partner company that ranks amongst the top 1% of partners in the Microsoft network is showing courage by investing in new projects with key players to achieve technological advances. Since the end of last year, it has been possible to purchase the Process Guidance Suite directly via the Azure marketplace. The platform helps companies searching for innovative cloud-based solutions to make contact with partners offering applications that are ready for use.

As a result of its many years of experience in the area of cloud computing, IMC is able to provide the best possible support for companies looking for the most suitable cloud solution for their requirement. Microsoft has now acknowledged this spirit of innovation by awarding IMC the silver cloud platform competency. This award is given to partners who have specialised in the provision of infrastructures and SaaS solutions for Microsoft Azure. Companies earning this competence must satisfy a number of implementation criteria and produce references, conduct satisfaction surveys and pass through various technical assessments.

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