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Discover the diversity of logistics with eVideo 2.0

KES-group shows how video-based learning games can be cleverly used

16. January 2015

According to recent surveys, 7.5 million men and women of working age living in Germany do not have an adequate basic education and are unable to read, write or calculate properly. So how can these fundamental competences be taught to an adult target group?

The German KES-group asked itself precisely this question. Since 2007, the association supports the public and corporate sector by developing innovative strategies within the areas of education, further education and consulting. The network aims to modernize the structures and processes in the areas mentioned above by implementing the latest research and communication technologies. In their collaboration with full-service provider IMC, the network has found a competent partner which shares their passion for modern technologies.

The result of the cooperation is a video-based simulation learning program which offers demand and practice oriented qualifications tuned to the needs of the respective target group: “eVideo 2.0” maps the virtual world of a transport and logistics company which will be first applied and tested in the Federal States Berlin and Brandenburg.
"The idea of delivering the project as a web-based learning game is unique in this field and for the target group”, explains Björn Schulz, assistant project manager at KES-group.

The learner becomes part of the daily routine of a storage depot typical of this sector. Here, the learner helps his or her colleagues to handle various tasks by communicating with them via interactive buttons or by solving interactive problems. In this way the learner acquires or refreshes fundamental competences within a typical workplace scenario. The concept can also be applied to other contexts and is currently in implementation for use in hotels and restaurants.

Learn more about this innovative approach in our latest case study. Our customers’ stories aim to give an insight into their unique e-learning projects and implementation.

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