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Working with IMC Learning Suite Becomes More Flexible and Intuitive

14. May 2019

With Release 14, IMC Introduces the Latest Version of its Learning Management System read more

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Digital Learning

2. May 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is what enables machines to “learn” from and adapt to interactions with users. AI operates by following the logical rules determined by an algorithm, and it can analyse vast amounts of data in... read more

Flash is dead, long live Flash!

30. April 2019

Flash today, gone tomorrow With the demise of Adobe Flash, the end of an era is upon us. An era of crashed online games and interrupted videos, true, but also an era that enabled having those games and videos online in the first... read more

Dr. Wolfram Jost Joins IMC as New Member of the Board Responsible for Product Development and Strategy

23. April 2019

IMC’s product portfolio will be oriented towards the future read more