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    Case Study

    Bankhaus August Lenz

Bankhaus August Lenz: a Content Studio Success Story

Germany's most personal private bank needs an e-learning solution that will keep it that way. IMC Content Studio delivers.

The Customer

Bankhaus August Lenz is the most personal private bank in the German banking market. The personal relationship that staff have with their customers makes the Munich-based bank stand out from the crowd. Bankhaus August Lenz relies on trusting relationships, and on giving customers a contact person to rely on among the continuous changes of financial markets. Customers of Bankhaus August Lenz can always rely on the family banker, an expert who has been chosen not only because of his or her knowledge, but also because of human-relations capabilities.

With Bankhaus August Lenz, the Mediolanum Banking Group, one of the most innovative financial groups in Europe, has brought an innovative form of banking to Germany



The Challenge

To deliver with the exceptional customer service it is known for, Bankhaus August Lenz must provide the family banker with training measures that are available when and where the family banker needs them. Furthermore, these training measures must include the training instruments the family banker wants to use.

The courses must be retrievable on different mobile devices. Beginners, who have never used e-learning, must also be able to navigate through the courses easily and intuitively. The family bankers must be informed in a timely manner about ever-increasing regulatory requirements, as well as about new products.

In order to ideally reflect the corporate philosophy, Bankhaus August Lenz creates the storyboards. IMC then develops the content based upon the storyboards.

The Solution

Within the framework of an opening workshop organised by IMC, the training professionals from Bankhaus August Lenz learned how to create storyboards themselves, which served as a basis for the final content. IMC implemented the storyboards created by the client. The result: four courses, in the form of web-based trainings, on different strategic topics of Bankhaus August Lenz.

The Advantages

The education professionals of Bankhaus August Lenz designed the content themselves in order to guarantee the implementation of the corporate philosophy. IMC supported Bankhaus August Lenz during the implementation of the content.

In case of technical questions or questions concerning e-learning and education topics, the client can contact one of IMC’s experts at any time. In addition to the standard usage on desktop or laptop, the content can also be accessed on the go, on tablets or smartphones. So Bankhaus August Lenz is fully ni control of designing its e-learning resources, and family bankers can use those resources anytime, anywhere.

About Bankhaus August Lenz

For the employees of Bankhaus August Lenz, the personal contact with customers and the trusting relationships that result are both quality features and an important mission in their own right. The family bankers of the Munich private bank advise individuals or entire families with comprehensive and sustainable financial consulting. The superbly trained financial experts from Bankhaus August Lenz do not only win over their clients with their expert knowledge; they also have the necessary empathy to find the appropriate solution for every family and to create a pleasant atmosphere for every consultation.

The credit institution offers a large variety of banking services, ranging from simple account management through the planning of retirement provisions to complex financial transactions. Thanks to its comprehensive online banking offer, which provides customers access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the bank is able to stay up to date and keep pace with the latest technological trends within the banking sector.

Writing storyboards the easy way

Before they were able to offer employees new learning contents on various strategic subjects from the area of financial services, the education professionals from Bankhaus August Lenz had to take some lessons themselves.

Within the framework of a workshop organised by IMC, these senior employees learned how to develop storyboards themselves. In a subsequent step, IMC carried out the technical implementation based on these storyboards. The advantage of this approach is obvious: by developing the contents themselves, the education professionals of the private bank make sure that the content is tailored to their specific needs, and that they represent the philosophy of their company as much as possible.

At the same time, the education managers acquire new competences concerning the graphical and linguistic presentation of content, which they can then use for future projects or share with new colleagues.

At the beginning, the biggest challenge was to pull together the knowledge that was already available in different sources, and to present it in a new linguistic style. The goal was to replace the already-existing sources with a more vivid and appealing language, and to visualize complex facts in order to increase the learners’ interest and motivation. As far as the technical implementation of the contents is concerned, the most personal private bank can rely on the long-standing expertise of IMC.

Learning “to go” for the financial experts from Bankhaus August Lenz

The learning concept that IMC and Bankhaus August Lenz have developed together is based on a cloud-approach. IMC's e-learning authoring software, Content Studio, prevailed against other providers in a multi-stage selection process.

Bankhaus August Lenz chose IMC Content Studio for a number of reasons:

  • Suitability for the creation of content designed for use on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets
  • It offers training professionals an overview of each employee’s learning progress, and shows the current state of the courses that have already been completed
  • Flexibility: the employees can decide whether they prefer to complete the courses after work comfortably on the sofa, or on the go on their smartphone.

The family bankers from Bankhaus August Lenz, as well as all other interested employees of the Munich private bank, now have the possibility to use one of the four courses in the field of financial services. Subjects include “retirement provision and taxes” and “investment funds”.

What the learners like most about this way of learning is that the contents are set to sound, which makes the strenuous reading of long texts unnecessary. Catchy animations and illustrations help present complex facts in a nutshell. Small interim tests make sure that the learners reflect the contents, and that they can memorize details even after longer periods of time. Additional motivation is created by the “Learning Kit”, which each family banker received when the learning management system was created. The kit contains the most important tools for undisturbed and concentrated learning.

More interactivity as part of an even wider range of courses

The first four big overview courses were only just implemented when the education professionals from Bankhaus August Lenz made new plans for the future of their learning strategy.

Not only do they plan to extend the already existing course offering to create an even larger range of learning content; they also plan to emphasise the course content with additional gamification elements. They are also looking at creating a gaming platform, on which the learners can compete against each other in answering quiz questions. The education professionals from Bankhaus August Lenz agree on one thing: Learning on the job not only has to be sustainable and effective; it also has to raise the learners’ enthusiasm through targeted incentives and playful elements.

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