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Whitepaper: The Carrot or The Stick

It is no easy time to be working in regulated industries.  Compliance officers and HR professionals alike are struggling to keep staff up to date with changing regulations and in the last year alone we saw a barrage of new regulatory demands accompany more frequent and greater fines, a trend which is specifically evident in the financial services industry. 

The constant emphasis on fines and prosecutions which are associated with compliance failures creates a stressful environment for both the compliance team and staff, and although it seems to be the more popular tactic, this negative approach is not the only nor the best way to ensure compliance and reap the rewards of having an ethical organisation.  HR departments are looking to extend the scope of compliance training to become part of a broader strategy to foster a culture of compliance that encompasses all staff and they are discovering that it is a lot more pleasant to hand out carrots than administer sticks.

A focus on the rewards of compliance is not just better for the company – it can also be a lot more motivating for the compliance team itself – and this free whitepaper will outline all the rewards, financial or otherwise, that your company could benefit from.

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