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20 years e-learning

Celebrations with beer and pretzels

It has been some incredible 20 years since our beginnings in 1997. With worldwide expansion and an ever-growing list of clients, we have more than one reason to celebrate.
To celebrate this landmark birthday, we were joined by high-profile people from economics, politics and the regional press. For example, Saarland´s prime minister Annegret Kamp-Karrenbauer visited us to see our latest innovations in the VR business.
But we had another reason to celebrate: its Oktoberfest-time. With traditional Bavarian costumes, beer in one hand, pretzels in the other and a smile on everyone’s face, we got the party started.

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IMC History


IMC Vision

Statement Prime Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

Hörfunkbeitrag: Saarländische Rundfunk

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Relevant section: 3:44 – 7:16